New ~ Psychic 911 Article- Signs from Above

Today I have a good example of signs from above. And kind of how they work and what they are like.

Couple stories: I have tried a few types of tea without success…didn’t like them much and find them not to easy to drink. Well, I stopped trying to make it and stopped trying it but in my gut I knew I had to keep trying tea and trying to make tea. So, after I stopped making it- about 5 minutes later I kept seeing ad’s EVERYWHERE (no lie) for Teavana (the store where we get tea). I must have seen 20 of them in 2-3 days lol. Needless to say, today I bought tea. but there is more to the story…I have been feeling like I am waiting for something, and need to do something, etc but come to find out- all I have to do is wait. And I know that now because I got a big pull to go to our spiritual new age shop down the street Zuzu’s Healing Arts. After 6 hours of fighting the force I finally went. I hung around for an hour, talked to Sue (the owner) and Beth (RMT) and we chatted about tea and my feeling about it and Sue and Beth both being intuitive, Sue being psychic/medium told me my body does want tea and the signs are right but how it needs to be herbal tea. (something I didn’t think about) She also told me that I don’t need to keep trying so hard  to make change happen and also not to get discouraged in the waiting process. I know change is coming because I very openly asked for it but I need to be patient and openly accepting of the big change to come. This made me feel a lot better. So, I bought tea today (this morning 4/27) from – 2 Herbal Teas my intuition liked and 1 Rooibos Tea to ease Allergies. I will make them as soon as they come in the mail 🙂 I also learned why the pain and stress I feel resonates so much in my neck/shoulders/traps  area and it is because I say I “should” be doing this or I “should” be doing that and most  of the time it is something implanted into my head by someone else’s ideals. I need to live true to myself and do what feels right for ME not what feels right for others. This too is  why I don’t have people schedule readings anymore. I had them scheduled but didn’t feel it was the right day/time for them. Now, I just do them when my intuition wants them done, so be patient if it takes some time.

The lesson of the story is that my ego (with whom I respect) wanted me to be all about material needs that were recently and generously provided to me recently so I don’t have worry about them any more and I can focus more on creativity and helping others. It is also about how our thought patterns shape our days, our weeks, months, goals, aspirations, and what happens to us throughout the day and also shapes how we feel. The 20+ times I saw the advertisement for Teavana was a clear smack in the face that I need to drink tea. Having gone to see Sue and Beth at Zuzu’s was heaven sent in that I did need some insight and help (as we all do at some point) and a lot of things are clearer to me now, a lot clearer then they were. These are all based on the intuiton and signs from above. Follow them, they won’t stear you wrong. P.S. I was going to go to the Teavana store up the Northshore Mall but my intuition didn’t want me to… I keep seeing “Ship it” so I did. 🙂 Will have it in less than 1 week! Now, here are some more signs the spirits around you are sending you signs:

Signs from above:

Most of these I have noticed from experience but the other majority is from Doreen Virtues Angel Oracle Decks and reading books and articles on spirituality and talking to like minded spiritual professionals.

  • Seeing pennies on the ground
  • Seeing butterflies or dragonflies
  • Seeing 1 specific type of: bird, cat or other animal
  • Experiencing something more than a “couple times”- example- seeing 20 ad’s for Teavana, being told by 2+ friends that you should take a course, being told by friends/family a few times that you need to try this restaurant, hearing oh you need to look into this or that a few times. The more you hear it, the more you need to do it. so do it.
  • Smelling a specific flower around the house
  • Experiencing any form of Paranormal activity around you
  • Dreaming the same type of dream consecutively
  • Asking for the answer to a question and turning on the radio and the first thing you hear from the radio sounds like “the answer to your question” (it is the answer)
  • Seeing multiple things like butterflies and the like
  • Seeing a specific number, repetitively (1111,2222, 3434,555,7676,etc)
  • Smelling other things like: cigarette smoke, flowers, perfumes
  • Being drawn to buy something, do something, or go somewhere but not knowing why
  • Getting a really great idea and having no idea where it came from
  • Feeling like something is right or wrong to do
  • Receiving answers in your head
  • Feeling like someone is around you
  • Hearing your name called out when no one is there
  • Seeing in your mind’s eye something specific- like a cake but you don’t know why (until you realize it would be or will be someone’s birthday or celebration) also seeing: numbers, dates, times, patterns, names,
  • Having the phone ring but no one is on the other line
  • Feeling stress about something- asking for help and feeling total calm

The list of possibilities are endless. We are always getting little signs from above- usually we just don’t recognize them or we are too busy to notice. But I say- when you start looking for them and being open to them and even tell them you are ready to receive messages and signs- you will see them~ early and often.