Recipe: A spin on tuna/salad

A spin on tuna that will make you want to eat it often.


  • Tuna, canned in water (1 standard can/ 0.5 cup) Olive oil based Mayo (Light mayo)
  • Organic Spring Mix Gluten Dairy Free Bread Organic Celery stalk

Prep: Drain tuna. Wash and dice celery into small pieces (optional- adds a crunch to your sandwich)

  • In a medium/small size bowl place already drained tuna in the bowl with 2 tablespoons  (or more depending on your taste) light mayo. Also place 2 cups spring mix in the bowl with celery and mix thoroughly until everything is well mixed and lightly coated in mayo. Eat with gluten/dairy free bread.
  • Serves at least 2. This recipe can be made for a whole family and feed over 10 by using more of each ingredient.