Recipe: Vegetable egg whites

What better way to get your morning vegetables and morning protein?


  • 3-4 egg whites
  • 3/4 cup sliced portabella mushrooms
  • 1/2 cup cleaned baby spinach Gluten Dairy Free Bread Gluten
  • Dairy Free Butter Substitute

Prep: Dice mushrooms into small pieces, have baby spinach on hand, ready to go. And, put egg whites in a small bowl.

  • Place 1-2 piece(s) of gluten/dairy free bread in the toaster/toaster oven until toasted.
  • Using a non-stick pan, spray fry pan with non-stick spray (because it sticks anyway) and put mushrooms in the pan on low. Put a small pan cover over the mushrooms to allow for steaming.
  • When bread is done, butter lightly with butter substitute and place on a dish.
  • When mushrooms have reached your desired doneness level, put the egg whites in the fry pan with the mushrooms and hand shred baby spinach- also putting it in the egg whites/ mushrooms. Flipping mixture as need.


Change the stove from being on low heat to high heat. Let eggs, spinach and mushrooms cook until your desired doneness. (I brown them to make sure they are fully cooked, as shown above.) Then place the eggs on top or on the side of the toast and eat.