Newly Revised: Psychic Protection, Clearing Energy, Cleansing Chakras

Here are some tips and tools to protect yourself from unwanted things- other people’s energy, spirits, etc.

So you are coming into your ESP and have heard something about protecting yourself   but you don’t really understand how. Well, you have reached the right place. If you are looking for a full book on protection and tools to manifest your dreams and skills check out the book by my spiritual adviser Robyn Sharrock here:

The Bubble the most common form of psychic protection you will see is the “bubble”.  You can do this by imaging, seeing or envisioning a big bubble around your aura (energy) and all energies around your bubble bouncing off of it. This will ensure that you will not be effected by other’s energies. Make sure you say “hold” strongly when doing it so that it doesn’t whittle away fast. and lock it so no one can enter it You have to keep up with it every 4-8 hours or so to make sure it holds up for you all the time. This is something you can do at night as well. I find spiritual activity (spirits especially) are most active at night, so make sure to protect yourself at night. Tip: If you are spiritually strong in yourself and confident in yourself and your abilities you will have better luck with the spirit world. If you are weak (I was trying to avoid that term) and not confident in yourself- you will be less able to control the vibrations/worlds around you- like spirits. You can control what happens and who is around you and even getting rid of unwanted things. but if you are not strong, you won’t get far and they will walk all over you. Don’t let them walk all over you.

The Light Shield by Robyn Sharrock: This is best explained in her book- which you can get in ebook format for only $5.99 (very much well worth it) Click Here to Buy Robyn’s Book which you can also get in paperback format. But the protection involves powering  up your energy, in a way of spreading white light and love to yourself and/or the room, then highly protecting yourself. 1. Blink once and see your energy or the room filled with white light. Snap fingers once and see the room or your energy sparkle. 3. Blink your  eyes twice and see a rainbow beam or white light beam shoot out from your crown chakra (on top of your head) to the heavens and also shoot out from your feet into the ground. 4. Snap fingers twice and put a huge bubble around your energy and lock it. Also place a lock AROUND the light beam coming from your head and feet individually without strangling it. This is very effective and I have been doing it for years. I don’t want to sound like a saleswoman but it is very worth the $5.99 to get her book. Because there are many tools for protection in it. express/14305548

Releasing cords and ties by Beth Anderson: Beth is my Reiki Master Teacher. She taught me how to do this a couple years ago and it too is effective but is to be used with the other protection methods. Because we are constantly around people and situations throughout the day they have a way of attaching their energy to us and we need to release their energy from ours. So, sit in stillness and imagine cords, wires, ties, and webs from situations, events and people you have been around- but the cords and in  your energy body/aura. See them or feel them in your energy and say STRONGLY ” I release all cords and ties between me and anyone, anything and all situations I have encountered” Then imagine all the cords lifting out of your energy body. (You can ask Archangel Raphael to help you with this) and then after the cords have lifted imagine a green healing gel going in the spots where the cords where, then healing over with white light. If you release the cords but don’t replace it with something positive and/or healing they will just come back. So make sure you put green healing gel from Archangel Raphael there or even white light. You can do this at any time, multiple times per day if you want. You should start to feel lighter energetically after doing this.

Oh yes, and if you want to keep the energy flowing throughout the day and constantly “clearing” you can keep crystals on you- in your pocketbook, in your pockets, in your bra, around your neck (necklaces, pendants), bracelets, etc. and you can put them in your room, in your car and around the house.

Here are some good clearing crystals:

  • Malachite
  • Kyanite (blue, ruby, black)
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Selenite

Why do I need crystals to keep clearing the energy around me? Because you will be less bombarded by the energy around you from people, spirits, situations, etc. You will feel better and lighter energetically and overall. You will have to release cords and ties less often because the crystals do it for you.

Another exercise for clearing: Put your arms together almost in a way to protect your heart with your arms and palms facing you. Imagine your energy and white light building and then release your arms up and out and see the white light light expand- pushing away, getting rid of, and taking away all negative and stagnant energy.

Ways to clear a room or space coming soon. Small story- As you all know I am very very spiritually sensitive. One of many things I am is clairsentient- so I feel everything…literally. Sometimes more than others but I tend to take on others energies without knowing it and feel bogged down and fatigued from being around people all the time. For Christmas my boyfriend went to our local spiritual shop and he got me an awesome Kyanite pendant and silver necklace. It was awesome. I put the necklace around my neck and felt the pain of all the cords lifting from my energy. I felt so much better. It’s amazing. I thank him for it all the time, still to this day.

You can get these crystals online or in Spiritual/New Age Shops! One place I get them from is

Release people’s energy from you because they attach to your energy and bog you down. Do this by envisioning all cords and ties to people lifting out of your body. Replace the cords with green healing gel and let it settle and heal your body where the cords where.

Clear all the time. You can do this a couple ways- I will end with chakra clearing, however, I love to see this huge white light exploding around me and releasing all stagnant and negative energy into the sky and letting the healer guides take it. Then the white light helps to heal you. Another way to clear your energy is by sitting with your feet in a hot/warm foot bath with a good amount of Epsom salt in it. Set your intention to be that  the negative/stagnant energy and ties to others, etc. all leave your energy and get absorbed by the salt. It helps tremendously.

Clear your energy/chakras. Chakras are energy centers that look like spinning glowing wheels that control various areas of our bodies and energies. We have a basic 9-13 of them and many more around our bodies. Sometimes with our lives being crazy all the time we get a blockage in one or more of our chakras. So here is one way you can clear chakra blockages: Create a light shield around yourself to protect yourself from others energy. Then through clairvoyance envision all 11 major chakras for you all lit up and see any negative or stagnant energy leaving your body and being released to heaven. Chakras are energy centers in the energy body. You have 11 major ones. 1 in each palm of your hands, 1 under your feet (red), 1 floating in between your knees (red- root), 1 on your pelvic bone (orange-sacral chakra), 1 on your stomach (yellow- solar plexus), 1 on your heart (green-heart chakra), 1on your throat (light blue- throat chakra),  1 in between your eyebrows (indigo blue- third eye chakra), 1 on top of your head (purple- crown chakra) and 1 arms length above your head (white- star chakra). Cleanse often and protect yourself from others. It is necessary when sensitive.

Another way to cleanse chakras is by envisioning a wave of universe water pouring into each chakra making it move and spin in a natural direction. This will also help with blockages. You can even do that in the shower and imagine negative energy going down the drain in the shower.