Help & Guidance for all facing hard times due to the economy, unemployment or simply life in general.

Help & Guidance for all facing hard times due to the economy, unemployment or simply life in general.

By: Jessica Caracciolo March 9, 2012


I have a lot of people that come to me for guidance because they have been unemployed for a long period of time. I felt compelled to write this for you all, because I am hoping it will help you all in both the HERE and NOW and going forward in your future. I have been unemployed as well for about a year and a half. I found temp employment for a tax agency in 2010 & 2011…but the last time I had a full paying long-term job was back in 2008. I happily do and provide readings part time/on the side and I hope that I am fortunate enough to be able to make this full time work someday going forward as that is one of my long term goals. I have family members that have been unemployed for over 3 years now, family and friends that have graduated college, like I have, but like me they accrued tens, hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt with no job in sight after graduation. I even have family and friends who left college because the debt that was accruing didn’t match the end result which would have been unemployment with a great amount of debt. These days it doesn’t make a difference if you went to college, graduated or left after a year or two. It doesn’t make a difference if you have 50 years of employment under your belt with one company because these days people apparently want “variety” but that statistic changes every day…one day long term with one company looks good on a resume and the next day you are told it looks better to have a year or   two with a bunch of different companies… There is just SO much that is unstable, unsure and nothing is written in stone. Every person is different, every company is different, everyone, everything, etc… -Is different. Then there are companies that drive me crazy- I applied to train as a florist about 8 months ago… and the company wanted a bunch of us all at the same time to do a group interview (which I despise) and they wanted us to pretty much “impress them” and “fight” for the position… like their job was gold and we had to fight to get it… When in reality it should be the other way around. They probably had hundreds of applicants but instead of them making their position seem like water in a drought they should make us want the job. What makes their job so great? What makes their company WORTH working for? They should be trying to impress us, making us want the job…not turning us against each other. A little competition between people never hurt but I found that to be terrible, how they went about it, how they posted the job, etc. Now here are the points you need to know to help push you along. They help me keep going, my clients, family and friends as well. If you want to add anything please let me know.

  • Know that you are NOT alone. Millions upon Millions of people worldwide (not just in the USA) are in a deep employment drought. When you feel like you are the only one- think realistically- you are NOT alone by any means. If you were to start a support group online, you would have millions of
  • You are NOT a victim. Feeling like you are a victim is one of the worst things you can feel. Why me? Poor me? When is going to be my turn? Everyone is getting breaks but me… etc. This mindset is TERRIBLE. You are not a victim. You are one person of millions of others that are in an employment drought. Terrible things aren’t ONLY happening to YOU. They happen to millions of people every day. Whether it is jobs, money, health, family crisis, or any other possible terrible thing, you’re not the only one that this is happening to. People go through terrible things daily, sometimes hourly but if you were to see it in such a negative, pessimistic, and victimizing way- you’d never obtain or accomplish anything you want in life. Get out of that mindset if you are in it. See it more of as- okay well, today I feel crappy but maybe it will be gone in a couple hours- not: Today I feel terrible health wise, I never get a break from this, I feel horrible and it keeps getting worse, why me…
  • See it as a challenge to overcome. Something you can fight to the finish and when you get that job, it will be a great
  • DO WHAT YOU LOVE- This is a big one for me. What did you used to do for work? Do you still want to do that for work? If “yes”, then kudos, if “no”, then kudos. By choosing one way or another you can restart your job search. If you don’t want to do that job again, then figure out what you do want to ..
  • What inspires you? What you do want to do? If you won 10 million dollars but still worked to keep busy what would you do? What are you passionate about? What would you be psyched to get paid to do for work? Imagine if someone paid you good money to do something you enjoyed/loved EVERYDAY? What would that job be? [these are things you should be writing down]
  • Now, figure out what companies you want to work for. What companies come to mind? Are there other companies like it? Do you want to work for a large or small company? How many employees do you want to be around? How long of a commute do you want to have? Driving, car pooling, walk to work or public  transport? All these questions can help you search online for specific companies that suit WHO you are looking to work for. Make a list of all the companies you want to work for, and then narrow it down to 10, then down to about 5. Now start doing  online searches on the right way to do a resume and tailor each resume to suit each job at each company. It doesn’t make a difference if the company is hiring or not- just apply, send in your resume, application and cover letter to their HR department directly.
  • Don’t apply for jobs just for the hell of it. Don’t apply for jobs you don’t ACTUALLY want to do, and don’t apply for any you aren’t actually qualified for. Here is how this works- You apply for jobs online like everyone else but you don’t actually want the job. or you apply (like I did) for every job in the world that you are qualified for (or over qualified for) only to hear back from no one. Or you apply for jobs you don’t even want in hope that someone will contact you. What you are doing is this: (and I did it too…) you spread your energy out too thin and you applied for and gave negative energy to your job search. How? Well, by applying for about 140 jobs per week like I used to, you spread your energy out WAY too thin. You have energy (an aura) and when you apply for work you give a little energy to that application and to the next, and the next, etc. Eventually, there is little left because you just gave all your energy out to over 100 different companies. It is extremely hard to manifest work and manifest getting the job you want when you spread your energy out so thin like that. The same goes for the following scenario: You applied; you get called for an interview, congratulations! (You deserve a fabulous congratulation not sarcastic by the way, I am serious.) You tell one person about your interview and they are psyched and that is great! Then you tell everyone on the internet about your accomplishment and it goes out to the masses…mistake- you just gave little bits of your fabulous interviewing energy to everyone in the world you know. You will find it hard to manifest your interview accomplishment, if you tell everyone about Telling a couple people is okay, but any more than that can impact your manifesting abilities in a negative way.
  • Now let’s talk about this- DON’T apply for jobs you don’t actually want. Why? You say I need a job no matter what it is I do- its money. I know and if you can get a job even doing anything these days it is an accomplishment but for manifesting what you wants sake only apply for jobs you actually want. Think of it this way: When you give your energy to an application you want it to be positive (for a job you want) and a job you can feel good about knowing that if you got it, you’d be happy or at least neutral feeling about doing it all together. By applying for work you don’t want you send out negative energy to that application…and now you are manifesting negative things for yourself, –which will make even your positive applications stagnate and they will be less likely to manifest because of those negative ones you applied for. Negative things operate at a slow vibration, when you are sad, lonely, depressed, tired, etc everything is slow. Positive things operate at a fast vibration. The more positive the energy the faster the vibration. When you are happy you generally feel better, no fatigue, and go through life with energy and then some. By applying for jobs you don’t want you send a slow vibration to all your applications and an extremely slow vibration to that one you applied for that you didn’t want in the beginning. But if you applied for ones you want, then the energy would be faster and thus easier to manifest. Search my blog for: How to manifest and you can read my article on how to manifest what you want in
  • Manifest your job. See yourself working there already. Feel inside, like you already have the position. Feel like you are making that money, that secure feeling that your bills are paid, feel all those good things that come with the job and it will make manifesting it happen even
  • Now, in the mean time- What do you like to do? Everyone is good at something. Everyone has talents, abilities, and such that they are good at. Things you can do on the side, create, craft, etc. Whether you are good computers, crafting wooden artisan pieces, painting, photography, floral design, dog sitting, cat grooming, baking, cooking, anything. What are you good at? Can you teach others how to do it? Can you do it contract on the side? How about volunteer doing it? Can you make your craft items and sell them locally, at shops or online? Can you teach people how to use things like EBay? What do you like to do? What are you good at? Think about it. It is a good way to make money on the side while you look for the employment you want.
  • Life review. Taking a life review is fabulous for everyone. You write down what you have accomplished in the past, EVERYTHING… leave nothing out and give yourself credit for everything. You deserve it. Now, write down everything you are doing and/or accomplishing right now in the present time. Then write down what you want to do and accomplish in the future. This will give you a good feel for everything you have done, everything you are doing now and what you want to
  • Do something good for yourself. Nurture yourself. I know- you are probably thinking… I don’t have the money for it. Well, you are wrong. Here is a link to 100 ways to nurture yourself Read it, live it, love it, go for it. Even if you have to go to a local park and play on the swings, just go do it because it is fun and creates joy for you.
  • DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF- Yes things are tough, times are tough but that doesn’t mean you have to be hard on yourself. Sometimes/most of the time we are our own worst critic. We beat our self up for no reason. In our minds we are doing everything wrong and your mind and thoughts beat you up time and time again. Stop it. Be nicer to yourself, be lighter about things; don’t take life so hard. Be more positive about things, because chances are you have learned something or gained something from even the most terrible of times. You can be a realistic optimist… try
  • Ego Self vs. Spirit Self- We ALL have in our minds the ego self and the spirit self. Ego self is the negative, pessimistic, terrible mindset that dwells on anything and everything negative or even things that are only a hair negative in our lives. It feeds off of the past, and feeds off of even the smallest of situations. It will destroy how you feel inside and can make you feel miserable, worthless, hopeless, depressed and much more. It will take you down little by little, day by day if you let it…but you can choose to stop it NOW. By recognizing you are in this “ego” state of mind you have already won the battle. More than half of the battle is actually realizing you are in such a ego state. Once you realize it, then you can choose to calm it, quiet it, and eventually stop it. Your spirit self is the neutral and positive mind set. It sees the glass as half full, makes you feel good about accomplishments, and finds the lessons and positive qualities in even the most negative of situations. It doesn’t beat you up inside and make you feel terrible…it makes you let go of things, situations, and the past… so you can move on to better things, better situations, better thoughts, better moods. So next time you get in that rut of “ego run amuck” recognize you are in that state of mind, tell it to go away, and visualize it going away (tell it to go get a cup of coffee or something) visualize it leaving to get coffee, and then visualize your spirit self coming in and taking
  • Realize that the situation you are in is NOT your fault. You have not let anyone down, you are not at fault nor are you to blame for the situation you are in. It is just something that has happened to the world economy that is affecting millions if not billions of people in some way… and realizing you don’t have control over it, and knowing that you are not to blame for the situation you are in is a good first step to take. You also need to let go of any guilt you feel because you feel like you have let others down, or your let yourself down… let it go. You didn’t do anything to feel guilty about. It is just circumstance and it will get
  • Forgive yourself and others. Open your heart and have more compassion for others. Say thank you, good job, and the like for things going on. By forgiving yourself for even the smallest or biggest things you have encountered in your life- even if you haven’t done anything at all…forgiving is fabulous. Letting go of guilt that you felt because you feel like you are letting people down can help you manifest what you want in life. You didn’t do anything to feel guilty about, you aren’t letting people down, so let it go. If you hold on to all the bad, how can you let in the good? Having more compassion for the people around you helps too. Open your heart more, and have compassion for others. Stop being so hard on them too or stop being closed minded to others points of view. Be open minded more often about everything in general- it will open your eyes to many things. Try to see things from other people’s point of view. Put yourself in their shoes. What does life look like from their view, what are they going through, and what are they experiencing? Just open yourself up to those around you and you will gain a lot of insight that you may not have originally picked up on.
  • Work on YOU. This is VERY important… because how can you do everything you want to do, or how can you take care of others if you aren’t in a great health position yourself? Yes, you. Start focusing on yourself. What are you eating? Is it highly processed or healthy? Do you smoke, gamble, or drink alcohol? Do you drink more soda (diet counts as regular soda because studies have shown the brain processes it the same as regular soda…) than water? What are you doing to help ease your stress? What is your stress reduction strategy? Do you get good, restful sleep at night? Do you take walks and/or exercise regularly? Do you let your body flow with movement- yoga, tai chi, qigong… Do you meditate? There are so many points to hit and work on when it comes to health. I tell people often; Work on yourself, your health and creating the life you want and the rest will fall into
  • How is the energy of your home/living space? Is there clutter in your home? Dust? Dirt? Clutter, dust and disorganization make for a terrible environment for you to live in (and work in). All of those things create stagnant energy in your space, making everything around you stagnant. How you feel, how you operate, how your family and work operates…etc. If you want to have a good feeling (energy) home do the following: Get rid of clutter, toss things that are trash, keep some things in a special place, sell what you can get money for, and donate what you can to charity. Then clean like no tomorrow- get rid of dust, dirt and the like and make sure everything is CLEAN. Open windows and turn off the heat- let the fresh air in and let it take away the stagnant air. Create organization by organizing anything that is disorganized. A couple of other things that help: Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp for your room or home and leave it on, Cleanse your houses energy with sage (after it is clean), grid with crystals like selenite, burn or melt scented candles, put little statues of angels, faeries, and other deities you like around your home, get plants or fresh cut flowers, create some art for your home and play happy or soothing music. All of these things can contribute to your having a good feeling
  • How are your friends/family? Positive, negative, neutral? The people around you can have a large impact on how you feel day to day. Are they negative, do they bog you down, do they make you fatigued? They could be leeching energy from you without even knowing it. In my blog search- put in- Psychic protection and read about it. By doing those things you can help stop the leeching and you will have better energy overall. If you have negative others around you like coworkers or friends try not being around them any more if you can or limit your time with them but again, the psychic protection should help
  • Get support and network- With social media the way it is these days you can tell the whole world about everything and anything you do throughout the day- why not network professionally? Or get some new friends? (Maybe more positive ones that aren’t so negative) and express to them what you are going through in a realistic but optimistic manner- no victimizing… Open your communication with your family and friends, maybe they will help you! And network early and
  • Communicate- How can anyone help you or understand what you are going through if you don’t communicate with them? Learn how to communicate effectively and be open and honest about what you are going
  • Express yourself and your emotions. Find creative ways to express yourself and make sure not to bottle up any emotions or other things that you are feeling. Let it out! No one said you had to be happy all the time, in fact it is normal to feel a whole range of emotions. Be honest about how you feel, what you feel and why you feel
  • Get into a healthy routine- Routine sits well for a lot of people. Getting into a routine of healthy activity, eating etc. can really help how you feel overall. Wake up and go to bed at the same time each day/night, eat meals the same time each day, workout the same time, etc… It will take some stress off of you because you know what to expect every day and then you will take life’s stresses, surprises, and such a lot better because you are more rested.
  • Make sure you prioritize things in life as well (I just remembered that point). Make a list of what you have to do, need to do and want to do- then relist it by importance and go from
  • Go on a media fast. Most of the news, whether online, on tv, on your phone, or in your email is horrible and negative. They never show good news- so go on a media fast. Make it a point to not read or watch ANY news for 2-3 weeks. Trust me it will make you feel better because you aren’t taking in any negative energy that you can get from reading/watching such horrible things. If you are addicted to reading the newspaper, or online news or whatever then go to and read that stuff. At least what you will be reading is good positive news and not terrible/horrible news that impacts your energy in a negative way.


If I think up any more ways in which to help you I will add them to this article. I hope you enjoy reading it and I hope it helps you throughout your days. Please spread it to all you know.


Lots of love and light, Jess

©Jessica Caracciolo 2012


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