45 ways to work with Mother Nature and help heal the earth

45 ways to work with Mother Nature and help heal the earth.

There are many ways you can help Mother Nature. Most of them do not cost much, if anything at all. Below are 45 ways in which you can start helping heal the earth now, every person counts. I am sure there are more ways you can help the earth, but this list will get you started:

  1. Start Composting
  2. Start Recycling or recycle more often and as much as you can. There are some places that will give you points to use for rewards for recycling. They even take old TV’s, cell phones, batteries, and
  3. Buy Organic Produce and Organic Meats/Eggs
  4. Buy fish that is currently not being over fished- research this online as it may change over
  5. Start an Organic Garden or buy produce from an organically grown and farmed. (no pesticides)
  6. Use green cleaning supplies. Switch to recycled paper towels and toilet paper. Change from regular cleaners to green cleaners and
  7. Use real plates, cups, sponges, and kitchen towels- instead of plastic/paper kinds
  8. Have Compassion for: Animals, Fellow Humans, and also Mother Earth
  9. Pick up trash (enhance earth’s natural beauty) that you find randomly in the streets.
  10. Clear the Clutter in your life- get rid of anything that no longer serves
  11. Create beauty in your home (decorate and de-clutter your space)
  12. Get involved in art: Learn to draw, paint, photograph and/or learn to plan an instrument
  13. Go Vegetarian – No more meats- or go Vegan (no animal products at all)
  14. Buy plants. They love being around you and you will love having them in your home.
  15. Collecting rain water to use for yard work, watering plants, or have it set up for rain water to cycle and be used for things like flushing toilets and other water related cycles/uses.
  16. Buy local products and produce. Support local small businesses
  17. Hand craft items instead of buying highly manufactured items
  18. Make your own food instead of getting take out
  19. Drive less. Take public transport, walk, bike, roller blade, etc. to lessen your carbon footprint- or purchase and use an eco-friendly
  20. Swap appliances and electronics for eco-friendly versions. They actually make eco-friendly cell phones now. Some stores will give you money for your outdated electronics/appliances to put towards your new
  21. Unplug electronics/appliances when you are not using
  22. Spend more time outside in nature
  23. Rescue an animal in need
  24. Spend time with the ones you love, especially
  25. Take part in outdoor activities like: camping, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, hand gliding, parachuting, sky diving, and
  26. Take part in other outdoor sports and activities instead of going to the gym:


walking, running, biking, etc.

  1. Start a community garden, community walk or run day or other community events involving nature.
  2. In home or outside.
  3. Take up dancing, drumming or other forms of creative expression
  4. Combine healing methods by combining western medicine with eastern medicine techniques. (of course with the okay from your regular physician)
  5. Change your light bulbs to fluorescent eco-friendly bulbs
  6. Unplug- You’ve seen the ads- we are too involved in our electronics and devices and forget about nature in general. Go
  7. Print on recycled
  8. Eat what is in season
  9. Grow your own herbs- create an herb garden (big or small)
  10. Carpool or create a carpool for work, school or other activities
  11. Have a family/friends dinner party where everyone makes something homemade, like a potluck and hold it outdoors if
  12. Buy organic or local made furniture and other products
  13. Hold a swap party with friends/family where you bring items that are in good/great condition but you no longer have use for and everyone puts their stuff in a pile and everyone goes on a free “shopping”
  14. Use eco-friendly reusable shopping bags. At the least, choose paper so you can reuse it or recycle the bags accordingly. Wondering how to get rid of those plastic bags? Some stores, especially grocery stories, will take your plastic bags and recycle them for you. You will see a bin to put them in near the entrance of a grocery store or you can ask an associate if they partake in recycling plastic
  15. Buy vegan friendly items like sneakers, wallets, jewelry, etc. that does not use leather, suede or other materials that come from animals. Faux is a friend to
  16. Buy fair trade as much as
  17. Buy jewelry that is eco-friendly, fair trade, made with recycled metals and ethically sourced gems/diamonds.
  18. After clearing out your clutter – (or other items that no longer serve you) consider donating the items that are still in good condition. If you do not have somewhere to donate items- consider holding a yard sale or other means of getting rid of the items.
  19. Be happy. Go with the flow of life. You are