Transforming Your Life through Intuition, Spirituality & Guidance

Transforming Your Life through Intuition, Spirituality & Guidance

You just woke up and it happens to still be dark out, but the time says 4:44. Did you know you have a bunch of angels around you right then and there? You go to work and before you think about lunch, you catch 11:11am on your computer, only to see it again on a license plate as 111 in traffic on your way home; mildly unaware that a sequence of 1’s mean that you are in a high manifesting time. 5:55 pops up during dinner and before you go to bed it’s 11:11 again- a sequence of 5’s meaning, hold on to your hats because a lot of fast change is coming, and the 1’s again meaning manifesting is at an all time high for you in that moment.

There are many different forms of guidance and ways we can use our intuition, spiritual nature, angels and guides to transform our lives for the better. Did you know, all you have to do to receive guidance from your angels and guides, is to ask them?

According to Doreen Virtue’s books: Angel Numbers 101 and Healing with  the  Angels, when we see numbers -whether we catch them once at random or we see them all the time- they have a significant meaning for us. Your angels and other guides send you those numbers as, one of many forms of guidance. And if you ask for guidance, you will sure get answers- but make sure you ask for help early and often as, Doreen Virtue says, they need our permission to help us and that is something they really want to do- so ask away!

You also have the ability to ask your intuition questions. You get to experience a part of you that knows what it wants, everything from: career, jobs, money, finances, hobbies, children, finding a partner, identifying qualities you are looking for in someone special, your life purpose(s), and more.

Try this visualization: Take out a piece of paper and a writing utensil. Sit with a clear quiet mind in a quiet space all to yourself. Now, with your mind clear- start asking yourself questions. What is my life purpose? Write down everything you are thinking, seeing, hearing and feeling. Now take a minute to look over the information. It is likely; your intuition told you information that really pertains to you. This will help you identify some of the information you really need to transform your life. And trusting in that information and following your gut on what you should or need to be doing; will only strengthen your intuition that much more.

By using your inner guidance and spiritual nature to receive guidance you can fully transform your life and create the life you want and deserve. Sometimes all it takes is to ask a question, and the answer can help you create your dreams- after all, manifesting starts with realizing what you want.