Save Money – Make your own popcorn

One of the things I added to our grocery list this past week was popcorn. The issue was that it couldn’t have any allergens in it. My father, after reading many labels, opted to teach us how to make our own popcorn. The end result – pure awesome.

Buying a box of popcorn would cost you almost $4-$5 for only like 5 bags. BUT a huge bag of popping corn is only $1.50- $1.99 and the end result is you being able to make a LOT of popcorn, cheap.

Depending on how much you want- by judging from serving sizes on the nutrition facts, put about 1-2 tbsp oil per 1 tbsp popping corn in a medium size pan with lid ON. Put heat on high until you hear the first pop, then turn to low heat. Listen until you hear the popping slow down significantly. When you hear a delay in pops, turn off the heat. DO NOT open the lid until the popping has completely stopped- wait a few minutes after you turn off the heat. Then uncover, season and serve. I use extra-virgin olive oil for our popcorn.

You can also make it in the microwave using a brown paper bag. Place popping corn in a brown paper bag (like sandwich bags) and also add in oil. Roll the bag closed tight, but leaving enough room for your popcorn to pop. Microwave on high 1-2 minutes or until completely done- listening like you would above.

It tastes better, no chemicals, you know the ingredients because you put them in yourself, and it is fluffy and simply awesome. 🙂