Paranormal Phenomenon and How to do your own Paranormal Investigation

I love this stuff: camera-haunted-house-193708301.html


You can do your own paranormal investigation. All you need is a digital camera, digital voice recorder, and/or video camera. You can also use more fancy equipment like K2 meters, and Sensors that sense hot and cold temperatures.

Using a digital camera: At random, take a bunch of random pictures, especially in the same room or area. You might notice something in the pictures.

Using a digital recorder: We put it on when no one is home a couple of times and one time, we did it because at the time our dog Storm was having separation anxiety and we wanted to know how she was doing. In the EVP we heard an old woman, speak Italian and she said “shut up” but in Italian. Keep in mind we live in my great-grandparents house and they were 100% Italian. Maybe I will upload it.

Using a video camera: at night before bed, with lights off or almost completely off, video tape rooms in your house. You will want the house taped at night because that is when paranormal activity seems to be at its highest. And choose high traffic areas like living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, stairways, etc.

We have caught voice recordings, photos, and even video. Our house is quite haunted and I know these methods work. I am sharing a photo I took at a cemetery- I take many photos at cemeteries because I was taught in photography classes, that is where you usually find the best nature and foliage photos. I took one at random along a street/path and ended up getting a spirit crossing over.