#EnergyShift Energy Shifting, New Psychic Protection & Clearing…

Last nights storm was so weird. It resembled the video I posted this morning- but made yesterday- (forgot to post it online) about how storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. may be severe and pack a punch but it isn’t about the number of storms, it is about the energy behind each one. Last night and for the past 24 hours we have had rain and some thunderstorms off and on. I fell asleep around 10:30pm-11:00… and I was woken up to a huge clap of thunder that literally shook the house. It scared the crap out of me… and I turned The Weather Channel on to get the scoop but it was some reality show- so needless to say-I wasn’t exactly thrilled by this. It was the only boom of thunder but it packed a huge punch.

I would like to try and start a twitter # thing and want to make it #EnergyShift – if you feel energy, if you feel off, if you feel moody out of no where, sad out of no where, etc. by tweeting #EnergyShift, you will make it so others can search for it and see if what they  are feeling and sensing aligns with your thoughts and such.

The energy… (sigh) just worse. I felt like I could rip someones head off yesterday out of no where, today I feel a little down and very emotionally sensitive. I didn’t meditate yesterday but I am aiming for it today along with yoga, walking, and Slim in 6. I don’t  know if I can do disc 2 today, but I will definitely do either Disc 1 or 2. (There are 3 levels of difficulty.)

Most of the late-afternoon through the night yesterday, our dog Storm was very off and anxious. This is unlike her and is quite uncharacteristic of her. She was lying and sitting close to us, looking to us for some guidance or comfort. Then she wouldn’t stay outside for more than a couple minutes. Usually we let her out throughout the day and she enjoys watching the street for at least an hour or so. But she would not stay outside for more than a couple minutes- weird. But wait… it got weirder- by around 9pm last night she was pacing and panting around the living room, and she would stare up at a clock we have on the mantel of the fireplace. And then get anxious again. I usually take Storm in my room so she can be protected from Spirits that scare her, but because of her high level of anxiety, my father took her in. Then around midnight was the big boom of thunder- out of no where.

I have come up with some new methods of clearing and protecting. Both worked well last night and so here they are:

Clearing: Visualize an Ascended Master (God, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, etc.) standing over your head and placing their hands in pray position over your head (crown chakra). Visualize them moving their hands apart over your head about a food apart in a wide V. Now visualize them and the Universe sending you diving awesome energy that looks like a big rainbow of energy flowing through your aura, energy bodies, chakras, etc. and with each swirl of rainbow light all gets cleared away, detached, etc. After you receive the rainbow energy, visualize the wide V position, back to prayer position over your head for  a minute. Now visualize yourself in white/gold light.

Protection: Visualize your energy body/aura/chakras. Now develop something like a force field around your energy/body but make it a white/gold meshed light that sparkles. And then put a big white/gold meshed lining around that gold/white meshed force field.

This even works for grounding as you can be grounded while in the force field.

I made a video yesterday that I posted online this morning. I basically forgot that I made  it, but I put it on my long to-do list for today. The gist of the video is that ALL the premonitions/predictions are coming to a head. Hurricane season, and storms alike are not about the quantity or number of storms- but they are about the energy behind them, the punch they pack, and the damage they can create. (Having a deja vu moment.) so we could have a bad hurricane season- worse I am predicting than last year- but it isn’t about the number of tropical storms and hurricanes this year- it is about the energy and punch each one packs. You could have 25 named storms in a season and none of them really do much damage, but you could have 15 named storms, 5 of them reach land, and 3 take out some states. The same goes for other storms, thunderstorms, etc. -numbers don’t matter- energy does.

On another topic- I got a reading for myself for my birthday and it was from a shamanic lady who offers 3 individual questions and you receive the answers within 24 hours. She channels the answers shamanically for you. It felt right and I am heavy on shamanism right now. So I bought one, and I gave her 3 questions, and got the response within 24 hours and what an awesome reading- what an awesome lady! I might seek her out again some time. I learned the reason why I am here- I signed up for it. (We all do pretty much I think, although it depends on the spirit. I think some get sent here for lessons and such but everyone is different.) I knew the destruction and the sadness and everything that would come to happen in this lifetime for the world, and I signed up to help heal people,  to help them wake up spiritually, and so much more. We connected really well and I think this lady is a guide for me. I learned a lot from 3 answers and it all resonated really well with me. Knowing I signed up for this life, to help and heal and read people and everything- I now feel more solid and ready. The spirit in me is ready to help people going forward and with that, the reading helped me feel prepared for what is to come- because my soul knew it all along. I have things to work on, like most other people, but it all looks awesome.

Along that line- my guides wanted me to offer 3 questions- discounted from $144 to $89- and to answer them all within 24 hours like this awesome woman does. Granted, I am seeing I can take up to an extra day or half day, but if you buy the 3 individual questions from me, you will get the responses within 24-36 hours- as inspired by this awesome woman. She was right in that I like to be busy and when I am not busy, I am extremely bored and it makes me feel down in a way. So this will keep me busy. I plan on doing readings soon anyway that are scheduled for the first week in June, and then I will take care of the individual questions should they come in. To get the 3 individual questions in 24-36 hours please go to my website: www.JessicaCaracciolo.com click “Readings” tab and 3 individual questions is there for you. 🙂 I look forward to it.

And please note about the 3 individual questions- 3 questions is 3 questions- not like- 4 questions in one question so its 12 questions- this is for 3 questions.

I think that is it for now!

Namaste all.