How Missing Persons works

This post was inspired by the negative attacks I received this morning from two women who decided to join twitter simply just to send me negative messages and told me to remove my post about Missing Persons Tim Bosma.

What was my response to them? I blocked them and reported them. (As will happen to you if you do that to me.)

Why do I post missing persons? I only post missing persons if someone emails me or multiple people email me, asking me to look into the situation and see if I get anything. Otherwise, I don’t do them. Thus, the post will not be taken down because people inquired about it- in that- they wanted to know if I got something. And at that day and time, I did, and I posted what I got. Now, because things change every second, some things changed like they do and some ended up incorrect. He could have been alive when I posted it but now, Unfortunately this man passed away and I hope the men (3 of them, I am seeing, who were involved) get brought to justice.

In a nutshell if you don’t like what I posted then don’t read it. I do them for free and I only do them if someone or multiple people email me asking to do an intuitive assessment. If you don’t want to see it online then tell people not to ask for them. The post will not be coming down as I don’t think it is necessary. My assessment, like all others and all predictions was accurate in some form at that time, but it changed fast and for the worst. We can’t know everything, and you can’t expect me to know everything either. Once you ask me for help, all my legal, privacy and terms disclaimers go into affect- whether or not you asked me directly- but by reading it too- because you want to know. No one is forcing you to read it, it is your choice whether or not to read it. So, don’t read it.

If you or anyone have a missing persons/child I do help families and such for free via email. Public news (like this) goes on my blog and I also read people’s children who have passed on free. Personal missing persons/children will be emailed to you and not posted online.

P.S. any news you read about this unfortunate happening with him and the murder- online or watch on tv or read about it such online- all of that is far worse, far more negative in content and simply sad and disheartening than anything I have or will write in the future. To ask me to remove content such as this, you would have to ask every news station to remove all of their content too as its content is so much worse.