Doing Readings Online – How Do You Do Them? 6 Common Questions Answered:

Doing readings online – how do you do them? 6 Common questions answered:

1. How do you read people online? Being very sensitive the energy of others, I can sense and read the energy of anyone so long as they request it. Once you get a reading from me, you are giving me permission to “access” your aura (your energy field) and communicate with your loved ones who have passed on and the like. Essentially, all I do is open your email (with your name and questions – if you have any) and I just start typing.

2. ​How are readings conducted? Most of the time I open up a blank MS Word document, save it with your name on it and the date, and then I just start typing what I am feeling, seeing, hearing, sensing, and the like about you, your loved ones who have passed on and the like. Sometimes readings are done via email messages (and no document is created – I can make you one if you one if you want) in that instance, I just think about you and start typing.

3. ​What method of reading people do you use? Usually automatic writing. I just think, feel, see, sense, hear, etc. and I just type everything I am getting for you. Most of the time, after I channel information for you, I will draw some cards for you (I will tell you which deck most connected to your energy and called out to you) and I will interpret them for you too. Then I will go to my email, and see if you had questions – at that point, I will read them and channel answers to your questions.

4. ​Do you remember information after you send the reading? Most of the time I do not remember what I told someone or what they told me. It all happens in the moment, and I don’t typically recall very much. If anything I remember 10% at the most.

5. Do you ever redo a reading? Rarely. If I am feeling “off” that day and if I am not feeling very satisfied with the reading I sent you, then I will redo it. But the chance of that is very slim and close to 1 out of every 150-200 readings. The reason the percentage is so low is because I typically choose “good energy days” to do readings – when I feel my best to do them – and so in that instance they likely won’t have to get redone.

6. ​Do you practice confidentiality? Yes. I don’t share your information with anyone. The only exception to this rule is if I feel you may harm yourself or someone else. In that instance I will report it.