The Healing Powers of the Sun

The healing powers of the sun are many. It is important to remember though, to keep your sun exposure to a minimum without sunscreen.

All of the healing benefits below can be accomplished with minimal sun exposure.

* Vitamin D – Sun exposure without sunscreen for 10-15 minutes can benefit us because it gives us the ability to get Vitamin D naturally. Aside from the few minutes you are getting Vitamin D, go back inside and put sunscreen on if you plan on being in the sun longer.

You can benefit from all of the exercises below with sunscreen on.

* Energy (Aura) Clearing – When you are outside, close your eyes and feel the warmth and brightness of the sun on your whole body. Breathe deeply as you do this. Imagine the suns bright warm rays clearing your aura of any debris (speckles and energy from others, stress, etc. that you may be carrying). Visualize your aura bright and glowing. This exercise shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

* Energy (Aura) Energizing: After you do the above exercise to clear your energy, visualize the sun charging your aura/energy like a battery. Let the light and energy fill up you and your aura with great energy. (Should only take a couple minutes.)

* Strengthens & Protects Aura: I recommend doing the clearing exercise above first. Then, to strengthen your aura, visualize the suns rays building protection around you – like a big, strong, glass bubble. (This will only take a couple minutes.)

* Clears Crystals & Natural Stones: Put crystals and natural stones outside in a safe place, or inside on a windowsill. Leave them there for a few hours and their energy will be cleared.

* Energizes Water: Put your open water bottle in the sun on a windowsill or outside for a few minutes to give the water the suns energy (prana, chi, qi). Then sip throughout the day for added healing. Don’t do this more than a few days per week.

* Calming when Stressed: Being outside in nature is very grounding and calming to our body. The sun’s energy aids us in this by clearing, cleansing and releasing energy that no longer serves our highest good.

* Does the same for pets and Animals: I don’t know about you, but my cat loves to sunbathe indoors first thing in the morning. He will just lay there for 30 minutes or so and be happy as a clam. The sun, vitamin D, etc. can also benefit our pets and animals, the same way it does for us. Remember – they have energy and an aura too.

If you are experiencing a headache, overwhelm or anything of “excess” energy, being in the sun may worsen your condition. In this instance, meditating for 5-10 minutes at night by the light of the moon may help.