Welcome [Read Me First]

Welcome to my new blog. Below you will see the post I put on my website after I redesigned it recently.

My name is Jessica Caracciolo and I am not your average psychic (and I am not going to pretend to be one anymore).

I am not your average psychic because while I can tune into your life, see into the future for you and the like, I am also a medium who can communicate with people who have passed on. When you email me, you are actually emailing me. You hear from me and I genuinely care about you, the services I offer you, and making sure you understand your Reading or other services is important to me.

But it doesn’t stop there.

I am a medical intuitive who can feel and see the ailments of other people, analyze energy bodies (aura’s, chakra’s), and also provide a multi-modality healing session for you. Additionally, I am an empath and indigo.

Highly third eye and crown chakra centered, I receive information through clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairalience and clairaudience. (Plus, empath feeling.)

I am what is known as a “well-tuned in” individual – to the energy around me. We are all connected don’t forget.

On top of these things, I am someone who communicates with and connects with angels, archangels, ascended masters (positive higher beings and deities from world religions), goddesses, fairies, shamans and native spirits, animal medicine spirits and totems, earth beings, and more.

When it comes to animals, I can sense what they want or need, how they feel and the like. I can also connect with animals who have passed away too.

When it comes to children, I can tell if they are sensitive (intuitive) and what category they are (indigo, crystal, rainbow, etc.) and I can give you (the parent) tips and help for nurturing your child’s sensitivity, while also nurturing yourself.

Additionally, I can see into past lives and also help you relieve some of your past life trauma.

Life Path’s are something I can see – if you are on the right path or not, how your tracks look (like lanes on your highway of life), and also draw you a digital picture of what it looks like. I can also draw you a picture of your aura, tell you about your aura, any depletions, what is strongest, and if anything is blocked – and how to fix it. I can also draw you a picture of angels that are around you.

If a natural disaster is pending, sometimes I know about it. Do I ever know the specifics about it – not really. I usually know the “what” and the extent of the impact it will have, but I never know the “when”. I have come to accept this aspect of my being. Not knowing the “when” used to bother me, but I realize now it isn’t my place to know this information. If Mother Earth wanted me to know, I would feel or see it intuitively.

If a negative thing happens in the world – like a terrorist attack or something – I sometimes feel it the moment it happens. Like dropping a pebble into a pond, I feel, see and/or sense that “something is wrong” or “something bad just happened” with the energy ripple effect it has.

I have astral traveled and do experience it from time to time. I also have sleep paralysis – which I think correlates with astral travel, but I am not your go-to source for learning how to control it. It freaks me out.

I know how to clear houses of energy through sage smudging and how to clear houses, land, property, etc. remotely. But it is exhausting, so I don’t offer it often.

Along with these things I can channel what you need to do to develop your own psychic skills and intuition – as it kind of differs person to person. I can also channel for you a custom meditation or affirmation that you can use to improve your life in that moment (and likely for weeks afterwards).

Another service I love offering is manifesting. (And, I tend to give a lot of manifesting advice during readings, so beware.) If you need help manifesting something, I can “send” a manifestation for you. I can’t tell you exactly how I do it, but know that, in most circumstances, it works or helps.

I am also someone who has the ability to see spirits and the like – not just as a medium but from a slightly different perspective. I have analyzed property via images only, and accurately read the property, what it was used for, if it was haunted, etc. for paranormal investigators. I don’t need to be physically at a location, I only need a photo of it, to help with paranormal investigations and happenings.

Additionally, I used to help people and police find missing persons, I have called in intuitive tips for mystery murder case and also have helped women who have suffered miscarriages – for free. Even unborn babies have a spirit, and they are not always meant to be on earth long-term.

When it comes to energy healing, I know how to do 13 different modalities. I can give sessions in person or via distance. Some of those methods are: Reiki, Clairvoyant Healing, Advanced Clairvoyant Healing, Color Healing, Meridian Healing, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, Elemental Healing, Chakra Clearing/Healing, Aura Clearing/Healing, Psychic Surgery, Cord Cutting, using mediumship to connect with Shaman’s to assist me in your sessions and more.

I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher. I have been studying and practicing Reiki for over 10 years now. I can provide Reiki in person or via distance. Additionally, I can teach and attune people to Reiki (both in person and via distance). Getting a Reiki Certification is something you can earn through me and my home-study course.

I love cards – oracle and tarot – and so I have over 25 decks of cards I can use to read you with. I also have hundreds of crystals, books, music, essential oils and more that I use from personal experience and my own research to give you even more info (if needed) to help you with things.

I am also incredibly into holistic health and wellness, research and all things creative.

I just want to address something that has been weighing on me since 2012. The ONE and only prediction I had on my blog back then, that didn’t happen. (Keeping in mind I had over 250 predictions posted and validated by this point.)

From 2009 on, I had a blog. No one read it. It was great. (The introvert within likes to remain under the radar a lot.) But once I got the vibe about California and I felt it was an earthquake, the indigo within came out and wanted to help “save” people. Being all about the warrior within, this was my job, and I had to do it. So, I warned people. I created blog posts and videos about it on YouTube. Did I seem nuts? Yes. Was I nuts? Absolutely not. Too many people in earthquake prone areas relax and let their guard down. They don’t have kits ready and they forget all about where they live. Anyway, after I posted these things online, I had a few people emailing me that thought I was crazy (nothing new), and some who FELT the SAME thing I did. I was ecstatic. Being a very sensitive intuitive person with minimal spiritual support around me, I was thrilled. We formed friendships and we talked about this together. Keeping in mind, I didn’t know “when” because I never usually do. These people I had formed friendships with kept egging me on to try and figure out the “when”. Then together we decided we thought we knew when it would be. BUT, I was the only one who posted it online. Thankfully it didn’t happen (because what I saw for it was REALLY awful, but my reputation was (and still is) a little tarnished from that experience. If you search my name online the things people posted about me back then are still there. I am still afraid to have a blog and I never post premonitions anymore. Maybe I should? Either way. I got taken down for that and none of them did. I do believe karma is a bitch though, so we will see.

The lesson I learned was that I need to STOP listening to the advice and intuition of others and start only trusting in the intuition and knowledge of my inner self. And I learned it the hard way.

So what will I be offering these days?

I used to offer EVERYTHING under the sun. Where I am so well-tuned in with so many beings and I have so many intuitive abilities, I tried to offer as much as I could. But, in all honesty, I think this only confused people.

From now on, I am going to offer what I FEEL intuitively like offering in that moment. Some offerings may come and go, some might be there for a day, others for weeks. Who knows? But the important thing is that I am being truer to myself and letting myself stop trying to offer and be everything, to everyone, all at once.

I invite you to check out my latest offerings. If there is something you want for a reading or service that isn’t listed as a present offering, please email me. I have the ability to send invoices with quotes and the like, so the service can be individualized to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long-winded thing. If you want to learn more about how I came into my abilities, please go to the “About” page.

Lots of Love & Light,