What’s the difference between a psychic reading and a medium reading?

Simply put:

A Psychic Reading is one where you get information about your current and future life situations. Foresight into the future and we can look into all areas of your life in general. We can look into anything from: moving, location, job/career, having children, love, relationships, money, finances, and more. This reading type also lets me look into your own energy (your aura), how you are doing – feeling well, frazzled, stressed, etc. And it also gives me the opportunity to look into your life path (how it looks, if you are on the right path, etc.) This reading is one that would allow me to look into past lives and others as well. But, this reading option isn’t offered all of the time.

A Medium Reading is one where you get information about people who have passed on. It will allow me to connect to them, communicate with them and give you guidance from them. In this instance you would get information from me, telling you what these people look like, their personality and traits that stand out to me – for you. You can also ask these loved ones, on the other side, to give you guidance for your life too but it is mostly to provide closure and knowledge that they are definitely alive and well on the other side.

A Psychic Medium Reading is one where you get both of the above. This is the main type of reading I offer. Unless otherwise stated in the description, my readings are a combination of Psychic and Medium Readings. Additionally, they weigh heavier on the Psychic insight than Mediumship. (Not for any particular reason, that is just how they are.) And most of my Psychic Medium Readings will be about 75-80% Psychic insight and 20-25% Mediumship. This reading is the best of both worlds because you have the option to get information about you, your energy and your life, while also connecting to loved ones on the other side.

A Card Reading is strictly a card reading. You will only receive cards drawn and interpreted for you. The interpretation will be a combination of a Psychic and Medium Reading with emphasis on the Psychic insight.

Essentially there are many “avenues” I can take to get information for you. And these are the top, main ways of getting info. If you ever wanted more insight, but from a different perspective, I would recommend making sure you get the Reading Type you want, plus cards, and get questions. This means you get information from 3 avenues: Channeling, Cards & Answers to your specific questions.