Listen to your body and your intuition. They know a LOT more than you think they do.

Listen to your body and your intuition. They know a LOT more than you think they do.

This is something I tell clients and also something I recently started experiencing more myself. I learned recently that our body “keeps the score”. Having been through a lot of trauma in my life and having a lot of health problems, my therapist introduced me to the idea that my body has been taking all of this in – the WHOLE time. And while I have mentally processed most of this stuff out, my body never got the chance to do that.

By getting therapy and EMDR I am learning that my body has held onto a lot. – Like a sponge. And I am also learning just how much the body knows.

I went to a couple GI appointments recently and the doctor told me just how fascinating the human body is and what it is capable of doing. I am starting to really see and notice for myself, just how much the body really knows. Instead of spending my days too much in my head, I am now working on healing my body and body/mind.

The body knows SO much and it is telling us stuff all the time. Being mindful, even if just in the moment here and there, can really get us more in touch with what our body is doing, feeling, etc.

Not only is our body extremely awesome, our intuition is too. Did you know, the more you trust and utilize your intuition, the stronger it gets? Clients frequently want to know things they can do to develop their intuition. Well, this is number 1. Start noticing your intuitive feelings, trust them and go with them. The more validated you become by them, the stronger it will get.