Have you ever had a person fortell your future and they were right?

Yes and no. Yes because some things happened but not because the psychic did anything, they more of gave me the green light to make things happened which I did on my own, proactively and it worked out.

I also have psychics tell me things that simply correlate with the moment and what I am personally working on. For example, I am reading a book called The Power of the Heart by Baptist de Pape and I got a Kuan Yin statue for Christmas, and other things for Christmas centered around the heart, heart chakra, and self-love and self-compassion. I also got a magazine in the mail recently and the issue is centered around self-compassion. I got a reading done a couple weeks ago and asked what I needed to know, and it was all about self-compassion.

Thus, I am majorly working on self-compassion right now. It is easy to have compassion for others, but having compassion for ourselves isn’t always easy.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Have-you-ever-had-a-person-fortell-your-future-and-they-were-right

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