How can you treat endometriosis?

Originally Answered: How do you find relief for pain caused by endometriosis? ·

I have found it requires a holistic treatment. I was diagnosed in 2001 and have been battling endo and other problems since then. I have tried everything from Pain Management and most hormone treatments to holistic and Eastern therapies. I have also done a lot of endometriosis research.

I find that combining things is most effective. Endometriosis is estrogen dependent and also is likely from some kind of imbalance of hormones where estrogen is outweighing others.

I think it is best to find a GYN that is familiar with or specializes in endometriosis. Try a few treatments that make the pain more manageable, if not, non-existent. Hormone treatment from a GYN is #1 in my book. Then add in things like:

  • turmeric (curcumin) for less inflammation
  • omega-3 fish oil
  • limit soy and flaxseeds (both are estrogenic)
  • consult an Ayurvedic practitioner
  • consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner
  • try acupuncture
  • try physical therapy for women’s health and pelvic floor disorders
  • go on an elimination diet (a lot of women with endo are intolerant to gluten and dairy – meaning they aren’t allergic to it, but it makes the pain worse)
  • work on stress management (studies find that stress not only makes our pain worse but makes the endometriosis grow faster)
  • try yoga, meditation, qi gong, and/or tai chi
  • try therapy (psychotherapy) – we deserve to vent
  • consult a Naturopathic physician
  • try using crystals, essential oils and other additional tools for stress reduction
  • try warm epsom salt baths with a few drops of essential oils
  • get good sleep
  • journal
  • make sure you aren’t constipated (can make pain worse)
  • consult pain management
  • get labs done to check for vitamin D and B12 deficiencies
  • nix a lot of harsh cleaning solutions, chemicals, etc. as endo has been linked to dioxins.
  • limit intake of too much fat (I read it can fuel estrogen more)
  • as to take something like aygestin or birth control with an aromatase inhibitor

These are just off the top of my head. And yes, I have done and/or am currently implementing all of these.

Remember too, the pain is usually temporary or comes in waves. Things will get better. I try to always look forward to those good days and I don’t even get my period, I am on continuous aygestin (progestin).


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