A psychic that I spoke over the phone with told me that I have a spiritual love blockage.Are these spiritual blockages real? If so how can it be removed?

Yes, it is more of an energy blockage or a mental blockage. And so if you have been hurt in the past by someone you might not be ready for love (even if you kind of think you are). And so sometimes we think we are ready but we haven’t healed enough for us to be ready for a new relationship. And your thoughts and feelings, then translate to energy creating a blockage.

Removing this block is about coming to let go of the past. Being okay with what happened in the past. Moving on from the past. And being open to love, being open to being in a relationship. It also involves you, loving yourself, and spreading unconditional love around you. We need to love ourselves first.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/A-psychic-that-I-spoke-over-the-phone-with-told-me-that-I-have-a-spiritual-love-blockage-Are-these-spiritual-blockages-real-If-so-how-can-it-be-removed

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