If multiple psychics say you’re “meant to be” together with someone, is this believable and will it happen?

Yes and no. This question isn’t black and white (simple). If two people feel energetically like they are “meant to be” then in that moment, it feels that way.

Energy can change at any time and so, you may not be “meant to be” later on. Additionally, many variables factor into this. If you don’t like the person, then you probably won’t end up with them. If you are seeing other people it might impact it too.

And just because you might be told two people are “meant to be” that could end up meaning – as friends, romantic, etc.

I believe that we always have other people out there for us. I believe we have options. If one person/ one relationship doesn’t work out, then ask your guides to help you find someone else. Affirm in your mind through thought or through prayer the type of person you are looking for and tell your guides you are ready to find them. Then just let it go and focus on other areas of your life. (If you worry about it too much, then the worry will make it harder to manifest.)

Soul mates, to me, are people we have known in a past life. Because we knew them in a past life, we are familiar with them. We usually feel comfortable with them, like we have known them for years and in some cases we might feel love for them and not know why. But you likely DID know this person for years and in a past life you may have been in love. Because you feel this way, it doesn’t mean you are “meant to be” together in this life, it is likely you were together though, in a past life.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/If-multiple-psychics-say-you-re-meant-to-be-together-with-someone-is-this-believable-and-will-it-happen

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