When trying to recover from depression, how do you tell the difference between your own correct but maybe not so encouraging intuition, plain common sense, or anxiety, self-doubt & lack of self confidence? Especially about yourself & capabilities

As someone with generalized anxiety, agoraphobia and mild depression – AND highly intuitive. I can say honestly, usually the anxiety comes with other symptoms. For me anxiety manifests as IBS-with-D, jittery, sweating, and racing thoughts. Depression and self-confidence issues, sometimes they get the best of me but once I become mindful of them, I can usually quell them and move on.

Intuition is more of an instant feeling or thought. It isn’t something I ruminate on. It is very sudden and feels clear/pure if you will. Intuition doesn’t require thought. So when I am thinking a lot (like I typically do) I know it is mostly just my overactive brain.

Mindfulness can help bring you out of that depressed, down on yourself place.

I recently have been getting into guided imagery / hypnosis that I listen to in bed while I sleep and I am finding that is helpful.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/When-trying-to-recover-from-depression-how-do-you-tell-the-difference-between-your-own-correct-but-maybe-not-so-encouraging-intuition-plain-common-sense-or-anxiety-self-doubt-lack-of-self-confidence-Especially-about

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