Has any kind of meditation alleviated your generalized anxiety disorder more so than meds?

I have generalized anxiety disorder with panic, and agoraphobia. I find meditation, breathing exercises and guided imagery help but I find it helps in conjunction with medication.

My anxiety used to be insanely high – maybe a 30 out of 10. And I was nervous to do anything and everything.

My PCP recommended Zoloft to me and I was hesitant to try an antidepressant because of the stigma attached to them. But I gave in and I tried it. I have been on it now for 5 years. I would do a commercial for Zoloft in a heartbeat it helps me so much.

But I think it helps even more when we do both – take meds if needed and do things like meditation.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Has-any-kind-of-meditation-alleviated-your-generalized-anxiety-disorder-more-so-than-meds

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