Have you ever seen a ghost before? If so, what did it look like and how was your experience, positive or negative?

Yes, I have seen a ghost before. I usually see them when I am in a half-sleep state. (You know that state of mind when you are kind of sleeping but a little hazy and a little aware but not at the same time?)

Well, in that state, I have seen spirits. I have seen a few – one was a translucent figure of a person and the other was more of a moving gray blob type thing. Both freaked me out.

I am a psychic medium but it scares me when I see them.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Have-you-ever-seen-a-ghost-before-If-so-what-did-it-look-like-and-how-was-your-experience-positive-or-negative

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