What happens during a Reiki healing session?

A basic Reiki session might first involve paperwork but then would involve you, the client, staying fully clothed and either sitting on a chair or lying on a massage table.

Then you will be asked if you want to work on anything specific. And then we will set an intention for your session, put the symbols over your head and in our hands and then we will use protection as well (to protect us both spiritually – spirit like – mind body spirit) and then we will use various hand positions over your body. Touch isn’t necessary – you will be asked permission before being touched. And then we give you Reiki all throughout the body over the course of how much time you requested.

After, you will have your energy/aura closed for the session. You will be grounded and have another intention set for your continued healing. And you will be offered water and sometimes dark chocolate for grounding. You can take your time getting up as you might be a little floaty from the energy healing.

After you leave – drink plenty of water, eat good healthy foods and be kind and compassionate to yourself.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/What-happens-during-a-Reiki-healing-session

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