Who have had psychic readings done? How was your experience? I’ve been seeing a therapist/psychiatrist regularly, but I’m not exactly feeling any more self-aware, better or insightful about my life.

If you are seeing a therapist/psychiatrist that is for psychological and mental health help. Chances are, the person you are seeing is not providing you psychic readings. They are separate. It is possible to be both a psychic and a therapist or a psychic and a psychiatrist but it sounds like you might be getting help for mental health. If you are seeing a therapist or psychiatrist, it can help but it takes some time – usually weeks or months.

Psychic readings are more of a once a month or once every few months or once a year thing where you check in and see how things are on an energetic level.

I have been in therapy and I have had readings done (both separately). They can both provide you help and I have had positive experiences with both.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Who-have-had-psychic-readings-done-How-was-your-experience-Ive-been-seeing-a-therapist-psychiatrist-regularly-but-Im-not-exactly-feeling-any-more-self-aware-better-or-insightful-about-my-life

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