A psychic told me a prediction will happened within a month and it hasn’t come to pass. Did the psychic lied to me? I feel duped and/or mislead. Please note the psychic is tested for accuracy 7 times, legitimate, experienced, and qualified.

It is possible for things in your path to change. Free will and life being unpredictable make it hard for all of our predictions to happen. It is likely to happen but it doesn’t always. And sometimes it doesn’t happen in that time frame, but it happens later on.

Plus, if it is something that requires your effort, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t put in the effort. For example, if you are unemployed and an intuitive/psychic tells you you will find employment in 3 months, then that means it is possible and the energy is great for it to happen. BUT if you think you can magically get a job while sitting on the couch, watching television and never applying for work – then you won’t get the job.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/A-psychic-told-me-a-prediction-will-happened-within-a-month-and-it-hasnt-come-to-pass-Did-the-psychic-lied-to-me-I-feel-duped-and-or-mislead-Please-note-the-psychic-is-tested-for-accuracy-7-times-legitimate-experienced-and-qualified

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