What is the “INFJ dark side”?

For me (I am INFJ) my “dark side” could be a couple of things depending on how you see them:

  1. Don’t piss me off. If you do, I will likely get quiet for awhile, but if you continue to confront me, eventually I will come back at you with a great argument and you will wish you just left me alone in quiet contemplation of your being an idiot.
  2. Sometimes if you really get on my nerves and won’t leave me alone, after being quiet, I will swear at you and just be a b**ch for awhile until you get the message and leave me alone. The idea is, I am fine with you being an ass but the more you poke me and poke and poke and don’t respect my boundaries and quietness, the more you are building up in me to come back at you…and sometimes it isn’t pretty.
  3. Don’t question my character, integrity and overall sense of self and good intention. I am this way 100% of the time and if any of these are questioned I will get quiet and then either annoyed (and it will go to #1 above) or I will get depressed and eventually cry.

Those are my “dark sides”.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-INFJ-dark-side

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