Who is the best online psychic for email readings?

Honestly, I specialize in email readings and they are accurate.

The top benefits of an email reading are:

  1. You don’t have to schedule them or be present for them. they are done at a random date/time and you don’t have to take time out of your day for it.
  2. You get a Word document (.doc) and a PDF version of it in your email so you can save it and reference it later.
  3. You get free follow up clarification. Not all readings are easy to understand and some are more like puzzles. But we work together to figure out the messages if we need to.
  4. Most email readings come with questions you can ask to have answered as part of the reading. This way you get information you need to know (through channeling, card interpretation, etc.) and what you want to know (by asking questions).
  5. No time limits. Unlike a phone reading where you pay for a set amount of minutes, email readings are done without time limits. I spend as much time doing them as I want.

I have a blog post with 12 reasons why I love email readings so much.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Who-is-the-best-online-psychic-for-email-readings

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