Have you ever held a grudge against your mother and permanently stopped talking to her? If so, why?

My mother cheated on my father, when into a mysterious depression, had multiple personalities come out (6–7 of them). She was taken to treatments, therapists, hospitals, given medication, etc. I was only about 13 and my sister was only 7. I grew up fast and took on most of the house duties – cleaning, cooking, laundry, helping care for my sister, etc. to help my father who was helping my mother.

After 3 years of this she was in-patient at a hospital after a suicide attempt and improving. She was going to get released soon. But then we found out from her psych doctors that she decided not to continue treatment after she was released. And she left our family.

Then she decided to play games. Trying to take over our family, steal us kids from our father, steal our house, etc. for another several years.

Some people are not worth having in your life. Sometimes you just need to let them go. It isn’t healthy to have them around.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Have-you-ever-held-a-grudge-against-your-mother-and-permanently-stopped-talking-to-her-If-so-why

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