How do you get over knowing you weren’t good enough for something you really wanted?

Ironically, I had an interview today and found out later in the day that I am not a top candidate. That they are likely to pass over me for a job. (I am an intuitive but only part time, so I need a regular job.)

I was distraught. No doubt about it. For a few hours. I knew in my gut I wasn’t going to get the job. Even though I am qualified, if not, way over qualified for it. I wanted it more than anything. I knew I could do it. The pay was terrible, but the job location was convenient. And then it dawned on me to stop pitying myself. To get over it and move on. Something else would come along.

I moved on about 70% and let it go about 70%. I was doing better. I decided to draw some cards for myself about the situation and got a very much needed reminder…

If the job was meant to happen, it would have. We can’t force doors to open for us. If we try to force them open, we might open a door that wasn’t meant for us and we wouldn’t be happy. So we need to wait for the right door to open and have patience. When the time is right, without forcing it, the right door will open.

Then I let it go 100%.


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