What is something you do out of laziness that other people thought was a great idea?

I had two thoughts come to mind.

  1. I have a bunch of health issues and sometimes I feel physically awful (pain, heavy fatigue, warm – low grade fever, etc.) and so I take a nap. I do it because I feel awful but it makes me FEEL incredibly lazy. But others see it as more of “good” to do because it helps me. Even just a 15 minute rest, without falling asleep helps.
  2. Pre-prepping veggies for the weeks dinners. I sometimes will chop veggies ahead of time if I need them for the week. Or sometimes I will make meals ahead of time. (Because I know I won’t want to prep them in the moment I need them.)

Reference: https://www.quora.com/What-is-something-you-do-out-of-laziness-that-other-people-thought-was-a-great-idea

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