Do you consider yourself someone that has to immerse yourself in everybody else’s business in which to maintain relevancy in your own life? Or can you survive a day by minding your own business? Why?

No. I do not consider myself as someone who needs to be (or is in) everyone else’s business. I would rather mind my own business.

I hate drama and would rather not get involved to be honest. Unless it is something I have some knowledge of or something to share that might help them. Otherwise, I am good staying out of it.

As a psychic medium, people come to me for help and intuitive advice. This is different because I am being consulted for intuitive guidance. And after the reading is over, I don’t contact them further. If they need follow up help, I am more than happy to do so, but on their asking for it.

Why? I don’t do drama. Let people handle their own things. If they need help, they will more than likely ask for it. You can ask them if they want/need help or if you can offer a suggestion. But even that isn’t more than a few minutes of butting in.

Focus on you and your life. And, let others live their own lives too.

Interestingly, a visual just came into my mind that could better describe what I am trying to portray here.

Keeping in mind that people are different than animals but at the same time, this will make sense…

If you have a pet (a dog or cat) or if you encounter one that isn’t yours, are you better off waiting for the animal to come to you for sniffs and petting or should you go after the animals and try to make it sniff you and pet it out of no where and follow it around and force it to be around you all the time?

If you let the animal come to you (and most times they will), then they will get to know you on their own terms and sniff you and feel you out. Then if they want attention, petting etc. they will nudge you or something. But if you run after them, hound them, etc. and never leave them alone, that is a great way to make the animal aggravated, show its teeth in warning, get barked or hissed at and then maybe even bitten or scratched.

Leave them alone. Butt out. If they need you or want/need help, advice, etc. then they will come to you for it. Otherwise, just focus on yourself.


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