Does anyone actually feel completely satisfied with their life and wouldn’t change a thing?

I think we all feel like there are some small things we could change in our lives. But ultimately, personally, I am satisfied with my life. Sure there may be some things I want to change but they aren’t big things.

On another note: I always say, I never regret the past and wouldn’t change it (even though, at times, it has been very rough) because then I wouldn’t be who I am now, experiencing what I am experiencing, etc. now.

Even minor things that I would consider changing are only in the present moment, not in the past. And they aren’t big things, so they aren’t necessary. We need to be happy with what we have and feel and be grateful with/for what/who we have in our lives.

People think I am crazy for being grateful for hot showers, a bed to sleep on, and a roof over my head. But these are things I am truly grateful for and it doesn’t stop there.


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