Four months ago, I had a bit of a meltdown. Now I feel that my life is going to be super messy, and I am more confused about my direction/purpose than ever. What can I do?

Just because you experienced a mental/emotional breakdown 4 months ago, doesn’t mean everything is going to be messy going forward. But if you are concerned about it then you can journal it out. Think about it and write it all down.

What do you want in this life? What things can you do to get organized? What plans can you have pre-prepared if something does go wrong?

You can also talk it out with someone close to you – a family member, a close friend, a partner. And/or you can also talk it out with a therapist. Therapists are great and they help us in so many ways.

Also, we gain so much positivity from experiences – even mental/emotional meltdowns. And we learn so much from them too that we can take our experience and utilize it as positive fuel for our present and future.


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