How can I transform myself from being disinterested at work and postponing things? How can I be more accountable? How can I reprogram myself and be more productive and not lost in thoughts all the time?

It sounds like you might be bored at work and so you are procrastinating.

It also sounds like you are not very well grounded and so you get lost in the ethers a lot. (Floating around in thought but nothing really concrete.)

To ground yourself, try to go outside for a few minutes, and breathe some fresh air. Feel your feet on the ground. Visualize tree roots from your feet into the ground and feel solid, like you are building a foundation under your feet and feel your feel being heavy.

Then try to get focused. As someone who isn’t well grounded too, the best way for me to get things done is by creating a to-do list and reordering it by priority. Then check off each thing as I get them done.


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