How did you figure out what your passion was?

Originally Answered: How did you find things in your life you’re passionate about? · 

I was told by a doctor and by reading some books that we need to look back to our childhood to see what we liked then. Chances are they are the same or similar. In essence, we age and mature, but at our core we are still the same.

I grew up very intuitive and I always loved things like space, celestial things, zodiac, astrology, stars in the sky. I also loved anything 70’s oriented – tie dye, peace signs, yin yang symbols, The Beatles, wearing a headband around my forehead, protesting for positive things, etc.

I also loved playing piano, music, and the like in addition to anything creative: making websites, graphic design, art of many mediums, photography, nature and black and white photography, crafting and more.

And then you realize all of the things you loved in the past, you likely still have a passion for now.

What did you love to do or enjoy when you were younger?


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