What dream did bother you?

I work through a lot of emotions, pain, and life situations through my dreams. And so when things were happening regarding my mother (she had depression, multiple personalities, cheated on my dad before the personalities surfaced, and she did things to emotionally and mentally torment us for years) I used to dream that she was trying to kill me.

I remember one dream when I was walking into the kitchen and she was in the middle of the room and there were flames/fire everywhere. I tried to run and hide in a closet but she was behind me in the closet trying to strangle me from behind.

I found that one upsetting.

Thankfully, it has been over 17 years of these dreams and instead of her trying to kill me in them, I am typically the one with the power, in charge and yelling at her in them.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/What-dream-did-bother-you

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