Where can I find a legit psychic medium to go to?

You have many options when searching for a legit psychic medium.

Note, psychic mediums are people who are both psychic and a medium. Your reading will consist of information that is foresight and communicating with people who passed on. There are many different types of intuitives, how we go about readings, the services we offer and the like. So, knowing what you are looking for will help.

It can be hard to find legit intuitives because some have given us a bad rep over the years. You can use word of mouth, ratings, testimonials, or do research in general.

Personally, I would be happy to do a reading for you but I only read people via email. Clients pay one flat price and I channel everything they need to know in that moment. I like email for many reasons but the main one is – no time limits.

If you were looking for a phone reading, Skype video reading, or in person reading there are many out there who do them.

Good luck in your search! šŸ™‚

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Where-can-I-find-a-legit-psychic-medium-to-go-to

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