Why can’t I have talent in the things I have a passion for?

Because there is more value and worth in it for you if you have to work hard to obtain it, learn it, etc.

Some people are naturally talented in things and they take them for granted. Other times people want something really bad, to learn or be able to do something that they don’t have as much natural talent for and so when they do it and learn it, it has more meaning.

I am not saying everyone with talent takes it for granted but there are some who do.

There is a lot of greatness in the energy we put forth for things we have a passion for. Hard work pays off in great ways. Maybe the passion wouldn’t be as fun and enjoyable if it came easy to you.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Why-cant-I-have-talent-in-the-things-I-have-a-passion-for

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