Why did you decide to give up drinking?

Honestly, I have never drank alcohol. Nor have I ever smoked cigarettes or done drugs. 
The reason I am answering this is to give you the “why haven’t I”.

I have always had health issues and I was a mystery case for several years. I had countless emergency room visits, specialist visits and testing done. It was miserable. Come to find out, after years of this I was told I had endometriosis (which was proven only through surgery).

After that I had even more health problems (endometriosis likes to branch out and create more problems).

I was at a regular appointment with my PCP (general physician) and she asked if I ever drank alcohol, smoked, etc. and I said “no”. She nodded and said “that’s good because we won’t have to run as many tests on you as we would have.”

From that point on (as a teenager) I was happy I never even explored it. I have had thoughts of trying it but from my health standpoint, it wouldn’t be worth the extra testing, the extra doctor’s visits, etc. It would have complicated things and things were already more than complicated. (Still are.)

When you pair having life-long health problems, with an addictive gene that everyone in my family has – I just figured I better stay away because I don’t know what would happen if I did.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Why-did-you-decide-to-give-up-drinking

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