Why do people hate LGBT people so much?

Originally Answered: Why can’t people accept LGBT people for who they are? · 

Some people are scared of change. They don’t know what to expect or if accepting LGBTQ (or any life or ideal change). So they choose not to rock their internal boat.

Some people always think they are right and so challenging their ideals (like how they grew up or what they were taught or what their religion deems) puts them on the defensive and they are unaccepting because they think that they are right, or they were raised right, or that the religion is right, etc.

It doesn’t only pertain to things like LGBTQ. If a person was raised to think the earth was flat and 40 years later they found out it was round, do you think they would resist this new idea? More likely than not, the new idea would be met with great resistance.

Then you have open, more flowish people, like myself, who are open to everyone as they are. People should be whoever they truly are and just go about living the life they want to live.

Lastly, you have the collective unconscious, which I love because it puts a lot of things in perspective. The collective unconscious is the pool of unconsciousness we all share as energy beings on this planet. (We have energy, an aura, a spirit/soul, etc. = energy.) And so because we are all connected on this planet we call home, we all feel and experience similar thoughts, feelings, fears, etc. of other people past and present.

When there is a tragedy somewhere like a natural disaster, people on the other side of the world know something is off or wrong and then upon looking at the news, they were right. This is an example of how we are all connected as energy.

So with that, we share a collective unconscious. Sometimes people experience or feel or think things that their ancestors felt, believed, etc. because it is part of the collective. Because of past and present terrorism around the world, most of us will, to some degree, fear it as well. We might deny it at first but there might be an unconscious fear of it. It might be something from way in the past that is felt in the present as an unconscious feeling or thought.

Someone might be fully open to LGBTQ but have a thought or feeling that is combative to their openness (this would be the collective unconscious and the feelings of others before them or even some others now). It doesn’t mean they actually feel that way, but it is there. I hope this makes sense.

Essentially accept people and be open and loving and awesome. Be your true self and don’t worry about what other people think/feel. There are 7–8 billion people on the planet, all with opposing views. Just live the life you want to live and try not to let others make you feel bad or anything.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Why-do-people-hate-LGBT-people-so-much

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