Do I need to clean a reiki charged candle before use? If so, what is the best way to do it?

The short answer is: You do not have to clean or energetically cleanse a Reiki charged candle before using it.

This goes for anything that has been charged with Reiki like: jewelry, crystals/natural stones, etc.

Additional tid-bits:

If you wanted to cleanse the energy of the candle, you can put it in the sun (on a windowsill) for a couple of hours but you don’t have to cleanse the energy if you don’t want to. It isn’t necessary.

You can also put the candle in the sun for a few hours to re-energize it after you have used it a few times. (But, this too, is optional because the candle will not lose power or energy.) The energy of the sun is great for cleansing and energizing (even natural stones/crystals). So while the candle won’t lose its Reiki charge, you can give it an extra boost here and there by putting it in the sun.

Additionally, you can light the candle and get the benefits of Reiki at any time. If you want the Reiki to help you with something specific, you can set an intention or statement like “I intend for the Reiki to help me with fatigue” (or whatever you want it to help you with).

You don’t have to set an intention though either. Reiki, on its own, without any specific intentions, will go where you need it most and start the healing process on its own. It is quite cleaver. 🙂

The only added recommendation I would make is: upon lighting the candle, give the Reiki permission to heal you. Permission is always something we ask for before sending Reiki – in person or via distance. This way the Reiki knows it has your permission to help you and it will start right away.

If you don’t give it permission, you may not feel the effects of it as much or right away because of this. However, it is possible for our spirit self (or soul) to give Reiki permission on our behalf.

Lastly, having anything Reiki charged, like a candle, can benefit not only you but anyone and anything (plants, animals, etc.) around it. Reiki goes where it is needed most and plants, animals and even the spirit/soul of people give Reiki permission to heal them without them even being aware of it as the spirit/soul can do it on their behalf. Plants and animals LOVE Reiki. Their soul gives permission right away and they just soak it in. 🙂

I hope this helps! I know it was long winded. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out.

Lots of Love & Light,




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