has anyone seen a psychic who told them about future events that ended up being true?

I am a psychic who has told people about future events that did end up being true. It happens a lot actually.

A couple of examples:

I worked with someone who was actively trying to conceive but her and her husband were not having any luck and they were starting to get discouraged. I told them that it would happen in about 2 years, give it time. I told them not to get discouraged and I gave them some small tid-bits of advice to help them conceive (like eating healthy, non-GMO, organic fruits/veggies, etc.) and told them to just keep trying. I knew it would happen for them.

Well, 2 years later, she did conceive and had a healthy baby girl. Now, they have two children.

Another example which is less obvious is: I did a reading for someone and a little girl came to me and her name was Abigail. I told my client about this little girl and how connected they were. She had no idea who this little girl was. Well, about a year later, she emailed me saying her brother and sister-in-law just had a baby and they named her Abigail.

I have foreseen a lot for people (not just about babies), but things do come up that happen later on. That is why sometimes a reading needs time to happen before we dismiss information.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/has-anyone-seen-a-psychic-who-told-them-about-future-events-that-ended-up-being-true

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