How do I get rid of ghosts in my house and from my mind? I’m afraid of them.

The best way to get rid of ghosts is to do the following:

  • be confident and strong within yourself (some spirits, who are here to play games, invoke fear, and the like, feed off of fear. Show them you are not afraid and they will probably leave you alone and go elsewhere.)
  • you can sage smudge your home which clears energy. They sell dried white sage for this. You would set an intention prior like: “Replace negative and/or stagnant energy with love, light and healing”. Then light the sage and go through the house. It could take up to an hour. You will want to make sure the home is well ventilated (it gets cloudy and stuffy) so open windows if you can and/or then turn on an air conditioner or fan if you have one.
  • they also sell smokeless sage in a spray bottle which is good for acute situations and small areas of a room.
  • you can also call upon a positive deity (like Archangel Michael, who is awesome at it and you can call upon him regardless of your beliefs or religion) and ask the deity to get rid of the ghosts for you.

The best way to get rid of them from your mind is to visualize them as gone and to visualize yourself as protected. You also want to be strong and confident in yourself. Being strong and confident in yourself is the most important thing you do because once they realize you are the boss of your home and you won’t take any games anymore, most of the time they will honor your request and leave.


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