Where is the soul before we are born?

I think souls are on the “other side” before we are born. Their soul is accessible to those who can communicate with them (which is most people), and they exist as a spirit (energy). We are all made up of energy, otherwise we would be dead.

Then I think when we decide it is our time to come to this planet, we sign a contract and go for it.

I think sometimes, if a soul isn’t sure they want to try out our planet, they will try us out for a bit. Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of times when tragedy strikes (like a sudden unexplained death or miscarriage) it may have been because it was a trial run for the soul/spirit. They didn’t sign a contract to be here longer than they were. But it is very sad and tragic for those involved and then requires some healing.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Where-is-the-soul-before-we-are-born

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