Why is it that what you really want and feel you need you can’t get, but those who let go and don’t need it get it easily?

I think you answered your own question.

We are manifesting things through energy, thoughts, feelings, etc. all throughout the day – all the time.

When we let things go and surrender, it makes manifesting much easier because it lets the energy just flow.

However, if we are stressed, nervous, anxious, worrying, desperate, and other similar feelings/emotions – this type of energy makes it very hard to manifest things because the energy stagnates and can’t move. Think of how you feel when you are in that state. You feel frozen, unsure of what to do. It stinks because when we need things and we are worried or anxious about it, we are essentially making it harder to get.

Have you ever experienced a situation when you needed something like money but it didn’t come. You worried and tried very hard to get the money you needed? (I know this from personal experience.) But, when you don’t necessarily need the money and you aren’t worried about it, it comes in.

That is the basis of how manifesting works.

We make a decision, we affirm and state an intention for it (like a clear precise prayer), then we make sure our thoughts and feelings are in line with what we want. And then we let it go and see what happens.

Reference: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-it-that-what-you-really-want-and-feel-you-need-you-cant-get-but-those-who-let-go-and-dont-need-it-get-it-easily

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