My Little Protector

My little protector. 🐈


He’s been a little extra clingy to me and I know it’s because I’m on the mend.

I tried a new job and was training Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On my way home from work Wednesday night, I went to the grocery store to get dinner stuff.

While in the produce section I slipped and fell on a piece of fruit. It looked like star fruit that had been stepped on prior to my slip. I didn’t see it when I was walking down the aisle. After I slipped, I fell forward and landed on my knees, my hands holding my cart, which is what stopped me from falling on my face.

I felt the impact of the fall immediately. Told an employee about my slip and fall and the mushed fruit so no one else would slip and fall too.

I was shaken, stiffening, and developing pain, and just wanted to get home. I checked out, texted my fiance and my dad from the parking lot and went home. After I got home, while making dinner, I called the grocery store to let them know what happened. They asked if I could come by so they can file an incident report. About an hour later, I went down there so they could file an incident report.

Having fibromyalgia, endometriosis, CFS/ME, IBS, neuropathy, anxiety and other health problems – I knew this spelt disaster for me. The impact felt like I had been in a car accident but the pain hadn’t fully set in yet.

A couple hours later, I noticed I was stiffening up worse and the pain was also getting worse. I did some work from home (the company I have been working for since December) and I also did readings. (I am a bit resilient.) I felt some pain developing worse in my wrist, hands and arms.

When it came time to go to bed, I got up from my chair and that is when I felt it. Bad. It was SO bad. I was stiff as can be. My muscles were tight. My legs were sore. My shoulder blades, upper back, and right arm all the way down my arm and into my wrist and hand were awful. My left arm also sore but not as bad. My neck also really tight and with tons of pain. I also had a developing headache on the right side.

Being stubborn, I made sure to go to my new job in the morning anyway. The problem was that I couldn’t sleep well from all the (extra) pain (that I am not used to) and I didn’t feel well at all. I had a headache, neck, shoulders, upper back, right arm, etc. pain and nerve pain too.

I was at my new job for about 1.5 hours (90 minutes) and I went to one of the assistant managers and told him I needed to leave and go to the ER or urgent care. I told him about my slip and fall accident the night before and how I was experiencing severe pain, headache, neck pain and now, also, nausea. He told me he didn’t think they would let me leave.

After looking for the general manager and being unable to find him, I let someone else know I was leaving to go to the ER. I clocked out and left.

I went immediately to the ER. I spent 3 hours there, was evaluated and received a NSAID shot, pain relieving patch, and a prescription for NSAID’s and patches. I was also told to keep an eye on it, and to follow up with my GP after 1 week.

The 3 hours I spent there were a god send. I took time to think over the job I was training or. I had done a little over 3 days of training, full time. Then I remembered how during day 3 they told me I would be training on registers and on day 4 they told me they wanted me on the floor. (I was hired to be admin, behind the scenes). I was also informed that they were severely understaffed by about 19 people in all departments. And I knew once they told me “they probably wouldn’t let me leave to go to the ER”-  I was done there.

I slipped and fell 9/18 around 5:30pm. I was at the ER just before 10:00am 9/19. I have been recovering since and being thankful my other job is a work from home one that I can take my time doing.

Yes, I am still in really bad pain. Yes, it bothers me to no end (I am frustrated and somewhat angry about it all). Yes, I am taking Advil. And Yes, I am using patches off and on as directed.

You might be wondering – why didn’t you take an NSAID after the fall, before bed or in the morning? The answer is: because I live in pain, probably 90+ percent of the day. I stopped taking them because they were killing my stomach. Now I just don’t take them unless I am in really severe pain, or told to by a doctor. In all honesty, eventually, you get used to being in so much pain.

My problem is when I experience additional pain or new pain. I just don’t tolerate it well and get nauseous and stuff. But I am working on recovering, slowly but surely.

In a way, the fall and ER visit was a hidden blessing (something I told my therapist on Friday). Because I was afforded 3 hours of time where I didn’t have anything to do but contemplate, I took that time to assess how the job was going, how the training was going, and the little things I was told off and on in those 3.125 days. During that time I was able to see things as they were, versus idealizing them in hopes they would end up working out. Sometimes it is easier to ignore the warning signs around us. But then the universe sometimes gives us the opportunity to see things clearly.

While I am upset to be in so much pain and discomfort, something positive did come from it and for that I am truly grateful.

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