What I Do for my Health & What I am into these Days #1 – January 27, 2020

Please see the sidebar for the basics about my health. In a nutshell, I have a lot of health issues and I don’t mind sharing what I do/am doing for them and what I am generally into these days.

(This is not medical advice. This is my personal journey and experience.)

For my mental health I take Zoloft. I would do a commercial for Zoloft in a heartbeat. It saved me. Calmed me down from a 200 out of 10 and brought me to a place where the anxiety was (and is) more manageable. This medication also helps with the IBS and calming my colon when I am a nervous wreck. It also, for the most part, stops sporadic bowel events.

Also for my mental health, I take hydroxyzine. It is an antihistamine (think Benedryl) and because it causes drowsiness, like Benedryl, it takes the edge off the anxiety when necessary making it more manageable. Keep in mind, it takes hours to take effect and isn’t something one would use as an intervention during a panic attack. I use this ‘as needed’ and only in high stress situations. The added bonus is that it helps my sinuses because I have allergies.

While talking allergies – I use flonase. I haven’t found it extremely helpful but did notice less nasal swelling and faster healing time after crying. (Crying translates to me becoming a booger waterfall.)

For endometriosis I take Aygestin and Femara together. Aygestin is a progestin (synthetic progesterone) and Femara is an aromatase inhibitor. The Aygestin stops my menstrual cycle and the Femara (an estrogen blocker) starves the endometriosis of estrogen.

For neuropathy I take a low dose of gabapentin (lower than the typical minimum dose). Neuropathy for me translates to itchy, crawly, burning sensations, sometimes numbness and tingling. It can be limb or muscle specific but is usually bodywide and comes and goes throughout the day. In 2005, I went to Pain Management where they wanted me to take gabapentin but I refused and opted for physical therapy, nutrition, therapy (psych), and acupuncture. It wasn’t until last year (2019) that I started gabapentin at 100mg twice per day and now take 200mg twice per day.

For fibromyalgia, I am in physical therapy.

For everything else:

I try to get an average of 5,000 steps per day. Too much over 7,000 steps is a red zone. Over 10,000 and I won’t be able to physically move for several hours. Hot/warm showers are delightful but once my body cools off, I stiffen up really bad. Too much sitting or standing isn’t good and I also am not doing repetitive movements or lifting due to an injury I am still healing from that happened in September 2019.

If the CFS is acting up and I am severely overly fatigued, I let myself nap. Generally sleeping is restless and while I sleep throughout the night, I wake up feeling unrested. I don’t like to nap often because I have sleep paralysis. (Which, if you have experienced it, can be terrifying.)

And, side note, if I don’t get enough sleep, all of the issues I have are worsened tenfold.

Additional stuff:

I take: Ashwagandha, turmeric with ginger root, vitamin D, a multivitamin, potassium, and a cranberry supplement. I also use saline spray to offset some of the dryness from the flonase.

I tried vitamin C with rose hips but while it helped my stomach/bowels, it upset the endometriosis and so WebMD says it can do stuff to estrogen. I ended up nixing it and after a week I am feeling more normal.

I use topically: Arnicare gel, Stopain cream, or Dr. Guo’s 37 Salve. I use the 37 Salve most often. I also use Dr. Guo’s foot/hand salve and find it not only healing for the feet but nicely grounding. 37 is very herbal.

I go to acupuncture in a group/community setting once per week. I also go to physical therapy weekly to biweekly, regular therapy with EMDR weekly and the chiropractor weekly.

I learned cupping from my acupuncturist recently and got my own kit. I also know guasha which is cool. And I use ear seeds (press balls, or ear pellets) for auricular therapy (ear acupressure).

Essential oils these days are: frankincense, YL Thieves, YL Sacred Mountain, Doterra Lavendar, Auracia Meditation, oregano and a couple others.

Food: I am gluten free, dairy free. I use eggs but mostly egg whites. Egg yolks are rare. I eat vegetables on a rotation. And, I am keeping my fat macros under 20% – the lower the better. I also stay away from soy as much as possible, as well as flaxseeds – both because of their estrogenic properties.

I listen to a hypnosis track while going to bed.

I also listen to bineural music for calming, EMDR, do diaphragm breathing (counting breaths) I am up to: Inhale for 5 counts, hold for 7-9 counts, exhale for 8-13 counts. And I use EMDR ‘tappers’ by TouchPoints too.

I learned “Peace begins with me” from Gabby Bernstein’s Manifesting Challenge, which she got from Kundalini Yoga.

I am currently wearing a ‘fancy jasper’ bracelet for some protection, grounding and other properties.

I am going to finish reading: Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus (old but still relevant), Super Attractor & The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein, Meta Human by Deepak Chopra and a few others I can’t think of off the top of my head.

I recently finished Revolution of the Soul by Seane Corn and the 4th book in The Dalai Lama’s Cat series. (I love that series.)

Lastly, I have some new oracle and tarot decks and bought the Super Attractor & The Universe Has Your Back decks too. I look forward to getting to know them all.

I hope this leaves you well. 🙂


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