Soulmates #1 – What is a Soulmate?

Over the past several years of providing psychic medium readings, I have come to realize that soulmates aren’t what we conventionally consider them to be.

People commonly think a soulmate is someone you are destined to be with – you know, THAT one person you are supposed to be with for eternity. They also think they only get one partner, one chance at love, and that’s it.

People also commonly think that a person who “feels” familiar to them, could be their soulmate. They “feel” attracted to the other person, they may even “feel” love for the other person. But, they literally just met.

What I learned through readings is that everyone wants to find love. Everyone wants to be loved and find their “soulmate”. And if a relationship isn’t working, they want to know if this person is their “soulmate” because then they will stick it out and stay with the person.

That’s not how this works.

Lesson 1a in soulmates is this: My definition of a soulmate is someone who you were with in a past life. This person feels familiar to you because you knew them before. You got to know them before and maybe you were in a relationship with them then as well. The reason they feel familiar is because you already know them, spiritually. You know their soul. Thus you are their soulmate. You are someone who has been a friend, a lover, an acquaintance, a coworker, etc. with this person in the past. Not in this life, but in one of your past incarnations – a life you lived before the one you are living now.

Lesson 1b in soulmates is this: We all want love and peace. Every living, breathing, being on the planet wants the same things and one of the big ones is love. We want to find a partner, and just be safe, cozy and build a life with someone. We want that companionship.

The thing is, you don’t have to settle for someone who sucks, just so you won’t be alone. There is comfort in being alone. It is better than dealing with someone you probably don’t like, or someone you don’t love, don’t have sparks for, can’t stand being around, makes you uncomfortable, or someone you feel unsafe around. It just isn’t worth it.

(*Note: If you feel unsafe in a relationship, please tell your friends and family as well as local authorities who can help you.)

I will leave you with this – think of it as Lesson 1c – How can you manifest a great long-lasting relationship when:

  • your standards are low (and you are settling for less than what you truly want)
  • and/or you are staying with someone you don’t see a future with?

It is a waste of perfectly good energy that you could be using for something better.

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