The Spiritual Perspective & Vibe Surrounding the Current Situation & Tools and Tips for Stress and Anxiety

Originally posted on my website 3/21/20. Some excerpts I posted on my website 3/14/20 (3/15/20 around midnight)

To all my clients and followers,

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With the coronavirus having impacted our lives as it has, know that we are in this together. This is a global situation and it is one that we are experiencing day to day, moment by moment, together. It is no coincidence that we are experiencing this as one. And it is no coincidence that things have slowed down and in some ways, stopped all together.

While I cannot offer you medical advice because I am not a medical professional, I can offer you my intuitive insights into this situation. A few days ago I posted on Instagram and also on my mini blog about what is going on and the spirituality behind it. Let me explain here:

Thinking about all of this from a spiritual perspective, I was writing to my psychic adviser (who I have been communicating with for 13 years now) and it occurred to me, some “reasons” per say this is happening or at the very least, things we can take away from this whole experience. Here are my intuitive thoughts:

  1. 1:37 More self-care. We need to take great care of our health (mind, body, spirit, emotions) and this is forcing us to do just that.
  2. 2:20 Spend more time with our family and/or do more things within our home/land. Playing games, reading books, having movie nights, having dinner together as a family – just to name a few. Don’t forget you can connect with others on the phone, through Skype, Zoom, Facetime, and online chats.
  3. 3:37 & 7:10 SLOW DOWN. When I have been doing too much, I tend to get a cold. Getting sick is a way my body forces me to slow down. In today’s world, we rush around and never stop. We are chronically stressed and going 100 miles a minute. This stops now. We are being forced to slow down, to take life in, to REST, and recharge and to find our joy’s again.
  4. 4:54 This is bigger than just about US. I can’t stress enough how this is SO MUCH bigger than us – bigger than just one person or 5 people. This is about all 7-8 billion. The collective if you will. This is about all of us. This isn’t about you being okay and so don’t socially distance yourself; this is about you socially distancing so you don’t unknowingly carry it to others, who carry it to others, who continue carrying it – threatening the masses. So, take time to think outside the box and change your perspective to seeing that this is more than just about YOU or me, this is about the collective – all of us. We do things to benefit and help all of us – everyone. And this is SO beautiful because we are putting aside what we necessarily want (going out, being social, etc.) to benefit the health and well being of others. And that is truly amazing and beautiful. We are all here for one another.
  5. 7:38 Assessment – When we are forced to slow down, we sometimes start wondering what we want. This is something I got from the Deepak Chopra IGTV video 3/14/20 (here). This time away from the craziness of the world is wonderful for self-assessment. Asking yourself “what do I really want?” is a powerful thing right now.
  6. 8:45 Starting a routine that involves things like meditation, more time with family, yoga or movement, meditation, journaling, gratitude and more. As we shift from one dimension’s energy to the next (something I feel might be happening now too) we will become more contemplative in this way. 10:41 – About meditation
  7. 11:19 CREATIVITY. It is time for you to be creative. Start a new hobby, do something fun, write that book you have always wanted to write, draw, paint, and more. The possibilities are endless. Take on something new and fun, the more creative the better. Even if it is dance or movement like qigong, yoga, etc. there is creativity and “craft” in all of them.
  8. 12:25 We are moving into 5th dimension energy. This means there is a global energy shift going on right now. What is 5th dimension energy? When 5th dimension energy comes into your life you end up more spiritual. You end up feeling the need to learn more about spirituality, healing, energy work, healing arts and more. Even combining these things with creativity. That thirst for “more” spirituality and healing in your life is how you know you are in this energy. Additionally, if you feel very open minded, liberal, feel like you want to help save the planet, and are a heart centered person here for the good of the world, you are likely already in 5th dimension energy. I myself have been in 5th dimension energy for a very long time and now more of the globe is “waking up” to this energy (vibration) too.
  9. 16:21 Unity. This is something we are experiencing TOGETHER. ALL OF US. Almost 8 billion people around the globe are being impacted by this in some way, shape or form. This is uniting us in a beautiful way. And it is sparking our reality (and part of 5th dimension energy) that we ARE in fact, all connected together. From an energy perspective, we are all made up of energy. If we didn’t have an energy field, we would be dead. Every living cell on the planet (including Mother Earth herself) is made up of energy. And it is energy that connects us. We are all connected. And this unification and awakening to this connection is something very powerful and something we need to work on continuing going forward. It is truly amazing.

17:19 With life as crazy and stressful and always going and going – we need time to STOP, to rest, to do self-care and to be present with ourselves, our family’s, and re-learn what we enjoy. This situation is affording this to us.

18:05 With all of this in mind, know that I am here for you. Feel free to reach out to me if you just want to chat. I don’t know any more about this virus than you do. Just make sure to do what the CDC, WHO and other organizations are saying to do, listen to your doctors and physicians, and practice social distancing. Just because we have to be socially distant in person doesn’t mean we can’t connect virtually, through social media, video chats, phone, etc.

19:25 Before I leave you (I am not going anywhere but before I end this post) I am going to give you some things you can do for anxiety and stress:

  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Getting insufficient sleep can make us depleted energetically which then makes us more susceptible to stress and anxiety. Sleep is a good defense against stress and sleep helps us process stress and helps us heal as well.
  • Make sure you are taking necessarily prescriptions, vitamins, supplements, etc. as advised by your doctor.
  • Get plenty of vitamin C and D through foods (and supplements if you doctor advises)
  • Keep lists of what you need to do – this will “get it out” so you aren’t thinking about them all incessantly.
  • Exercise, walk, or do some form of movement. It can even be tai chi, qi gong or yoga.
  • Stay calm. I got an email from a qigong and tai chi teacher who said stress can lower our immunity and so staying calm is wicked important.
  • Plan ahead as much as you can and try to have a plan for unlikely eventualities. No matter what happens, at least you thought about it and have a plan in place.
  • Get help from others who live with you. You don’t have to do everything yourself. You aren’t alone in this. Even if you are being socially distant – if you live with someone, and they aren’t in self-quarantine themselves, then they might be able to help you.
  • Socialize through phone calls, video chat, Skype, Zoom, Facetime, texting, social media, chatrooms and more.
  • Realize YOU ARE NOT GOING THROUGH THIS ALONE. We are ALL going through the same thing as you.
  • Breathe. When we are stressed, we tend to have shallow, quick breaths. But if we are mindful of our breathing and we take a few minutes to do deep breathing (into the belly) it can help calm everything down. I started out by doing counts – so inhale for 4-5 counts, hold for 5-7 counts, and exhale for 5-7 counts. The goal is to lengthen the time of the hold and the exhale. Lengthening the exhale even more. The exhale is the most important for this exercise. My record is holding for 9 counts and exhaling for 14 counts.

23:26 Here are some remedies:

  • Rescue Remedy by Bach Flower Remedies (Flower Essences)
  • Touch Point Solutions
  • Komuso necklace
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for anxiety and stress (something you can learn on YouTube here)
  • QiGong (also on YouTube – look up the username taichi18 also
  • Yoga (free yoga is being streamed online through many outlets.)
  • Essential oils: lavender, ylang ylang, Young Living Thieves, Aura Cacia Meditation, Eden’s Garden oils Guardian and more
  • Crystals: Selenite, howlite, amethyst, spirit quartz, ametrine, black tourmaline, celestite, blue calcite, angelite, peach moonstone. For protection: Carnelian, obsidian, onyx, hematite, black tourmaline, fancy jasper.
  • Phone apps: Insight timer (I listen to binaural music), Ananda by Chopra Center (free trial usually 14 days), Amazon Music (had a trial $1 for 4 months but not sure if it is still going), Relax and Sleep Well (Glen Harold’s app – free ones offered for self-hypnosis), Gaia by Gaiam (might have a trial), and more.
  • Open a window. De-clutter, dust, etc. This will help energy stagnation.
  • Curl up with a good book, watch a nice movie on TV or a streaming service.
  • Forgot to mention in the audio clip: EarSeeds. It is auricular therapy that can be used for stress and anxiety. (Ear acupressure.)
  • Another resource (not mentioned, I got it via email today) from Sounds True: Resilience in Challenging Times package. Sign up is free.
  • Don’t read the news.


  • 30:00 Energy healing – sweeping. Palms facing towards you, start at the top of your head and make a sweeping motion down the front of your body all the way down and past your feet. Do it again if you feel you need to. Then do the back, shoulders, etc.
  • 31:24 Grounding visualization – with your feet on the floor, visualize and FEEL your feet on the floor, feel them on the ground, and visualize yourself outside with bare feet on the earth. Feel connected to the earth, and visualize your feet being planted into the earth.
  • 32:00 To facilitate healing visualize all of the cells in your body lit up, shining, sparkling and bright and say to yourself “every cell in my body is in perfect working order.” You can also do this for each body part, organ, etc. – visualize it bright with gold and white healing light, sparkling and shining and say the same “every cell in my body is in perfect working order”.

Check out my video for Free Distant Reiki on Instagram. You don’t need an Instagram account to view it or any of my content.

I hope and wish everyone well. Again, feel free to reach out.

Lots of Love & Light,



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